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World War Z 2 Canceled at Paramount

World War Z 2 Canceled

When we last checked in development on Paramount Pictures’ World War Z 2, the team was saying that production should be getting underway at some point this summer. However, after continued hesitation from the studio, things have apparently changed. Sources confirm that Paramount has canceled World War Z 2.

The report comes from The Playlist who dropped the news earlier this afternoon. The outlet states that according to their sources, David Fincher was informed of Paramount’s ultimate decision last night.

Fincher had been working on getting the project’s budget reduced down to a more reasonable point in order to entice Paramount to greenlight production. The director reportedly had the World War Z 2 sequel under the first movie’s cost of $190 million. The Playlist reports that Paramount knew about the sequel’s cost “since at least last year and had hemmed and hawed about the project for months.”

The Playlist’s report then alludes that the decision to cancel World War Z 2 may be in no small part to their decision to go forward with not one, but two upcoming Mission: Impossible films. Christopher McQuarrie will helm both projects and film them back to back, hoping to get the series’ two continuations in theaters for the summers of 2021 and 2022.

The last two movies in the series are Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Rogue Nation utilized a budget of $150 million while its sequel spent $178 million. Do the math and you can roughly gleam what two more movies in the franchise would cost Paramount, and thus, their purse strings have been tightened.

While Paramount may have finally ended many fans hopes with their cancelation of World War Z 2, there’s still plenty to be excited about on their slate. The studio is reportedly gearing up to make the recently successful Bumblebee into a franchise of its own. And the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are reportedly getting a reboot that should into production later this year. Yay.

Fear not, though – there are also numerous other zombie movies currently in development.