xFyro xS2 Review: Great Value Entirely Wireless Earbuds

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The xFyro xS2’s sound quality is quite impressive, especially when you factor in that the technology required for such high-quality sound is packed into such a little package. The earbuds provide good sound from lows to mids to highs, but the lows aren’t great. Yes, you’ll get a rich sound, but the low-end bass is lacking slightly.

I tested the xFyro xS2s with a wide range of music, including Logic’s newly released Supermarket album – my current go-to album – as well as some Schubert and some Foo Fighters. All of these have significantly different sonic qualities, but they all sounded good on my xS2s.

The range on them is comparable to any other Bluetooth headset I’ve used before, coming in at the standard 30-foot range. That means I can set my phone in the middle of my house and use them around my entire house, save for the basement or the garage. So on Saturdays, which is when I like to get things done around the house, I don’t have to worry about keeping my phone in my pocket as I go from room to room doing what I need to do.

The most important thing for me, as someone who is always on the go, is how long the battery lasts. And with the xFyro xSx, the battery lasted 8 hours on 50% volume (trust me, anything louder and your ears will bleed!). But they come with a highly portable and rechargeable 850mAh power bank so that you can charge on the go, which adds another 20 hours of listening time to your earbuds. With my case fully charged, and the earbuds fully charged, I had a total listening time of 28 and a half hours before needing to recharge them both. Note: it takes roughly an hour to get your earbuds fully charged from 0 to 100.

That’s significantly longer than my pair of Trekz Air that I use every single day; the Trekz only get roughly 8 hours of use before I have to find somewhere to plug them in and recharge.

What’s also noticeable about the xFyro xS2 is that these things can go quite loud…surprisingly loud…dangerously loud, even. I don’t recommend listening on full blast; I found that 50% volume was the perfect volume for me.

And along that note, you don’t have to worry about those around you hearing whatever you’re listening to, as the leakage performance of the xFyro xS2s is superb. Even with these babies blasting on max, you can’t hear but a mere whisper coming from them when not in your ears.

Also noteworthy is the fact they’re fully waterproof (rated at IP67), meaning if it’s raining, you can enjoy your music anytime you want. I wouldn’t recommend swimming in them, however, especially if you were planning on being in the pool for more than a half hour.

As far as comfort is concerned, the xS2s stay in your ear surprisingly well. You can run with them in just fine, without any issues. If you find that the standard silicone fittings aren’t right for you, there are two other sets included – one smaller, one bigger.

Our biggest gripe with the xS2s is that their design is sort of, well, blah. Isn’t it? They’re a bit dull visually speaking, with an all-black colorway and simple power symbol; no cool company logo, no color options. But that’s a small flaw in the grand scheme of things.

I’ll also note that there’s no way to control the volume on the earbuds, themselves. Meaning, when that badass guitar solo comes on you have no way to turn them up if your phone isn’t right next to you. Bummer.

With great sound quality and superior battery life than anything else we’ve tested, the xFyro xS2s provide great value for anyone looking to dip their toes into completely wireless earbud tech.

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