Aion MMO in Development for Next-Gen Consoles and PC

The Korean based game developers at NCsoft are apparently looking to expand for an upcoming project. And this doesn’t appear to be just any project. According to recently discovered job listing, NCsoft is seeking new employees to help design a new Aion game for next generation consoles and PC.

Aion is one of NCsoft’s longest running online titles. It originally launched on PC in North America back in September of 2009. The game saw its latest expansion, Aion 6.0: Refly, launch in January of this year.

It’s unclear if today’s listing is proof of a new expansion for future systems, or whether a design team is being assembled for a possible sequel or prequel to the Aion series. It will likely be quite a while before we get any answer to those questions.

All that we do know is what MMO Culture picked up via the listing they discovered which was then translated over to English. Applicants would have to be capable of utilizing 3DS Max software in order to “create character / monster / animation resources for the concept and development environment.” Unreal Engine 4 is specifically mentioned, with the developer stating the game will be designed as a “next-generation console and PC MMORPG”.

We surely won’t be hearing much about NCsoft’s next iteration on Aion anytime soon. So if you’re looking for something that can help you scratch that MMO itch much sooner, checkout Nerd Much’s feature detailing all of the upcoming MMOs headed our way in 2018 and 2019.