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geek gifts

55+ Awesome Nerd Gifts: The Ultimate Gift Guide For Geeks

Whether they're into gaming, movies, or obscure sci-fi, we've got a mega list of the best geek gifts for 2018.
nerdy christmas sweaters

31 Nerdy Christmas Sweaters You’ll LOVE

Stormtrooper with a Santa hat, Harry Potter, Stranger Things, and Santa riding a unicorn are just a few of the best nerdy Christmas sweaters.
star trek gifts

50 Best Star Trek Gifts for Trekkies

Beam up these gifts for your Trekkie love this Christmas.
pokemon gifts

50 Cool Pokémon Gifts & Toys: The Ultimate List

Our list of the best Pokemon gifts and toys you can buy right now.
best wireless earbuds for gaming

5 Best Wireless Earbuds for Gaming

Discover the best wireless earbuds for gaming in 2023! Dive into expert reviews, top features, and user insights. Elevate your gaming audio experience now!
best cpu for gaming

7 Best CPUs for Gaming: Your Easy Buying Guide

The right hardware can make or break your gaming experience. As games become increasingly complex and visually stunning, the need for a powerful CPU...
starfield hoodie

Starfield Monochrome Emblem Zipper Hoodie

Price: $76.99 Buy it at Merchoid Are you a fan of space RPGs and looking for the perfect way to showcase your love for Bethesda's newest RPG?...
shitters full christmas sweater

Shitter’s Full Christmas Sweater: A Holiday Must-Have

Get the iconic Shitter's Full Christmas Sweater, inspired by National Lampoon's Vacation. A festive favorite for fans and collectors alike!"
hoverboard desk mat

Back To The Future XL Hoverboard Desk Pad & Coaster Set

Price: $28.99 Buy it From Merchoid Prepare to hover into the world of temporal mechanics with this Back to the Future: Part II-inspired desk pad and coaster...

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christmas movies on tv

The Ultimate Christmas TV Schedule 2023 (Updated!)

*Updated* Our yearly Christmas movie schedule guide will be live as soon as we get the schedules from the networks.
best electric scooters for adults

The Best Electric Scooters for Adults

Discover the ultimate guide to the best electric scooters for adults. Dive into safety, customization, and top picks for urban mobility. Click to explore!