Cool StuffGRID SNES Controller Shadowbox: Tech Artistry in a Box

GRID SNES Controller Shadowbox: Tech Artistry in a Box

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Price: $149.00

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Grid Studio takes your favorite tech gadgets, like game controllers, consoles, iPhones, and more, and transforms them into stunning works of art. They carefully break down and restore these gadgets, turning them into captivating collage-style frames that tell the story of our 90s tech boom era. It’s like a visual journey through the evolution of technology, blending the coolness of tech with the awesomeness of nerdy art.

The GRID SNES Controller is the one shown in the picture above, and I had to have it as soon as I saw it. The SNES is my favorite console of all time, as it’s really¬†the one I grew up playing in my more formative years. Here, Grid takes the controller case and shoulder buttons off to showcase them in the box, alongside other imagery that showcases the classic controller’s layout. The supporting artwork is well-designed and the pixel character models are a Super nice touch (see what I did there?).

If you’re a gamer or an Apple junkie, you should definitely check out all of the other tech shadowboxes that Grid Studio has on their site. They’ve got DualShock controllers, over 20 mobile phone breakdowns, Game Gear, Xbox 360 controllers, a Super FAMICOM, a PS Vita, and more. I TOTALLY wish they had a Microsoft Zune sitting right next to those iPod collages, but unfortunately, they do not. Bummer.

If nothing else, it’ll serve as a sort of narrative of progress in the phone tech and gaming arenas.

These GRID boxes are well-designed and combine a simple, modern style with a heavy dose of nostalgia. They have GRIDs available starting at $99.

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