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Skater XL

Is Skater XL Coming to Xbox One and PS4?

Wondering if Skater XL is coming to consoles? Well, here's what we know.

Children of Morta Review: A Family Affair

Children of Morta is an indie gem about a family of heroes that attempts to blend dungeon crawling and storytelling with varying degrees of success. Can its charm outshine its flaws?
my time at portia review

My Time At Portia Switch Review

My Time At Portia is a beautiful sandbox adventure with enormous potential that is held back by a plethora of technical issues.
Super Meat Boy Forever Delay

Super Meat Boy Forever Delayed

“After but not too far after April”.
Hyper Light Drifter TV Show

Hyper Light Drifter TV Show In Development

Coming from Castlevania showrunner Adi Shankar and the game’s director, Alex Preston.