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Magic: Legends: Everything We Know (So Far)

ANOTHER Magic: The Gathering game? Are you serious?! YES - we're now being teased with Magic: Legends. This time, it's an AORPG game. Magic: Legends was first...

Why Super Mario Odyssey Is Overrated

Super Mario Odyssey is a wonderful entry to an incredible franchise but there are definitely some issues. Here are the flaws I see in Super Mario Odyssey.

What Video Games Tell Us About Police Brutality & Our Perception of Each Other

The idea of a police state operating amongst an oppressed society is not a new notion to many gamers. Ostentatious displays of power, ignorance,...

Paper Mario The Origami King Wishlist: 8 Dos and Don’ts

The Paper Mario series has the status among Nintendo fans of a troubled offspring to the Mario franchise. Brilliant in its infancy, with two...

Gaming Industry & Coronavirus: The Longterm Effects & Trends

There's no denying that COVID-19 aka Coronavirus has already affected the modern world requiring us to adjust to this new landscape we’ve found ourselves...

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Brings Wrestling Games Back to (Un)Reality

Professional wrestling is the spectacle to end all spectacles - a mish-mash of combat sports and soap opera that has captivated millions around the...

11 Games Like Animal Crossing Fans Should Try Next

Whether you're looking for cute games, crafting games, or life simulations, we've got you covred with our list of Animal Crossing-like games.

Why You Should Use Video Games as a Wellness Tool

With Covid-19 running amok on our social lives, video games can be a great wellness tool.