About Nerd Much

What is Nerd Much? We’re an independently-owned, enthusiast-driven nerdy pop culture site covering gaming, movies, TV, comics, toys, tech, and cool stuff. We’ll probably sprinkle a little science in there too if that’s okay.

Nerdmuch.com was created by Bobby Bernstein (former Editor in Chief at Den of Geek, with bylines at sites like Gadget Review, HiConsumption, Slickdeals, GameDeveloper.com, and more! You can also check out his reviews on Opencritic and on IMDB. He is the Shopping Editor at Heavy.com) and his wife, Elizabeth, aka Bookworm Extraordinaire. You can find Liz on Twitch here.

Every day, we bring you new content from our team of writers – nerds with their own thoughts and opinions that we sometimes share, and even if we don’t, we always respect their opinions. What’s more, every day we try to find two or three cool products — what we call cool nerdy stuff — to showcase to our readers. Think of it like product discovery and shopping suggestions for nerds by nerds.

Defining “Nerd”

What’s the meaning of nerd to us? It’s not derogatory, hateful, or a term used to bully. No, instead, we embrace what we are: easily excitable people who freak out over the tiniest bit of geek news. We’re not ashamed to admit that we lose sleep over Nintendo games, whether or not Han shot first, or which was better, the book or the movie (pick a franchise, any franchise).

So if you’re into Star Warszombies, Grand Theft Auto V, Batman, and Marty McFly’s hoverboard tech, you’ve come to the right nerd website.

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