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Batman: The Animated Series’ 5 Most Hopeful Episodes

Last week was rough. I keep reading about friends and strangers alike across this nation who are terrified about the future of the country...

10 Best Magical Girl Anime: The Ultimate List (2020)

Sparkles, cute girls, and epic transformations that appear in every episode; these are the popular "Mahou shoujo", or magical girl genre of anime. Gaining...

Arya Kills Cersei: How & When (Our Game of Thrones Theory)

*Allow us to re-present this article that followed shortly after the Season 7 finale.

Why Hannibal Lecter Has a Dangerous Attraction

The Hannibal fandom can get dark, so far as to justify murder. But why? How is that healthy?

10 Best Anime for Beginners (2020)

Looking to check out what anime is all about but don't know where to start? We've got you covered with these essential beginner anime shows.

New TV Shows Premiering in December 2018 (That We Actually Care About)

Looking for the latest TV to binge? In this strange new golden age of TV, 2018 is OVERLOADED with new TV series to check out.