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We’re incredibly selective with the TV shows we choose to watch, and we think our readers should be, too. We’ll shine a light on the best new shows you should watch, and we’ll try to point out the ones you stay away from as well. From TV news, features, lists, and reviews, you’ll find tons of TV content here at Nerd Much?.

bad tv characters

10 Bad TV Characters Who Ruined Otherwise Good Shows

These characters almost made us tune out.
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21 Best ‘Community’ Episodes: Paintball, Trampolines, & More

What are your favorite episodes of Community?
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All Halloween Movies on TV: Complete October Schedule (Updated!)

(Update): TNT announced a Supernatural TV marathon on Halloween.
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10 Best Anime for Beginners (2024)

Looking to check out what anime is all about but don't know where to start? We've got you covered with these essential beginner anime shows.
demon anime

Top 27 Best Demon Anime of All Time

Diving into the realm of the supernatural, anime has a unique way of exploring the darker, more mystifying elements of folklore and fantasy. Among...
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How to Stream Elf: Your Ultimate Guide

Looking to stream Elf? Wondering when it's on TV this holiday season? We've got you covered.
when is hocus pocus on TV

How to Stream Hocus Pocus Right Now (Updated!)

Looking to get your spook on? Here's every time you can catch Hocus Pocus on TV and how to stream it right now.

21 Best Fantasy Anime of All Time

Magic, pirates, giants, and more.
netflix seven deadly sins

7 Reasons to Watch Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix

Dive into the vibrant world of Seven Deadly Sins, a spellbinding fantasy anime series available on Netflix that has captured the hearts of viewers...

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