TVHow to Stream Jingle All the Way

How to Stream Jingle All the Way

Wondering where to watch Jingle All the Way this holiday season? Want to know how to stream Jingle All the Way? We’ve got you covered with our ultimate streaming guide for November and December 2024.

A lot of you reading this might say, “But, Nerd Much?, it’s only October – get that Christmas sh*t out of here” and to you, my dear grinch, we say bullocks while we slip on our ugly Christmas sweaters and sip on this hot chocolate as early as we can.

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer, as we prepare ourselves for the winter months ahead, and the coming of the New Year. With each Christmas comes the hottest new toy, the department store struggle, and our favorite, the Christmas movie about that new toy and struggle! Jingle All the Way, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad, is that old familiar song and dance we just never tire of.

So settle back into your chair and read ahead for our list of every time you can catch Jingle All the Way on your TV. No TV? No Cable Subscription? No problem, we’re here for you! Read on below for everywhere you can stream this holiday classic.

Is Jingle All the Way on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Jingle All the Way is not available to stream on Netflix.

How to Stream Jingle All the Way

Don’t panic if you don’t have cable, we’ve got your streaming options below! This holiday season, everyone needs a little Arnold and Sinbad in their life, and just because you don’t have cable doesn’t mean you don’t have your needs! Below, you’ll find every way you can currently stream Jingle All the Way as we head into November and December 2019. And when we get the full Christmas movies on TV schedule for 2019, we’ll also add when you can catch the movie on TV.


You can stream Jingle All the Way on Hulu right now if you’re subscribed.

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Amazon Prime Video

You can rent Jingle All the Way on Amazon for $3.99, and own it digitally, for $9.99.

It’s also available if you are a Prime Subscriber.

Google Play

You can stream Jingle All the Way for $3.99, or secure your own digital copy for $14.99 on Google Play.


You can stream Jingle All the Way on iTunes for $3.99, or secure your own digital copy for $14.99.


Vudu gives you the option to rent Jingle All the Way for $3.99 or own it for $9.99.


You can stream Jingle All the Way from YouTube for $3.99.

What is Jingle All the Way About, Exactly?

watch jingle all the way

Workaholic Howard Langston (played by everyone’s favorite Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger), a mattress salesman, with little time for his family, is put to the test when his son Jamie asks for the hottest toy of the season – a Turbo Man action figure. Howard promises Jamie the action figure will be under the x-mas tree come Christmas morning, but in true busy-dad fashion, Christmas Eve rolls around and he’s forgotten all about it. Overwhelmed with guilt, and fueled by hatred for his neighbor Ted Maltin (who likes to rub his shortcomings in his face, all while trying to seduce his wife), Howard promises Jamie the toy, and sets out on a mission to get it. During his undertaking, he bumps heads with the mailman, Myron (played by Sinbad), who are also doing some last-minute shopping for the same toy. Hilarity ensues as the two compete to get their hands on the prized action figure. It’s sold out everywhere, and when a Christmas mall Santa tries to sell Howard a bootleg, Howard ends up in a scuffle with some nunchaku swinging Santas (would it be a Schwarzenegger movie without a fight?).

In the End, Does Howard Really Save the Day?

Spoiler alert! In true Christmas movie fashion, after a series of close calls and, Schwarzenegger beat-downs, Howard is able to get his hands on the Turbo Man action figure. But in the true spirit of Christmas, Jamie gives the toy up to Myron for his son, noting his father is his true hero. Everything seems to be in place for a perfect Christmas, but just as the credits finish rolling and we see Howard toping their Christmas tree with the star, his wife asks what he got for her. He panics, he’s forgotten all about her!

More About Jingle All the Way

Actor and SNL star, Chris Parnell (30 Rock, Walk Hard, Anchorman), made his movie debut as a sales clerk in Jingle All the Way. Jake Lloyd, who played Jamie, would go on to play Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. And Jim Belushi (another SNL alum) had a little practice for the role of a mall Santa, claiming to have played Santa in about 20 different households during his college years – all after placing a ‘Santa Claus for Christmas’ situation-wanted ad in a local paper.

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