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All New & Upcoming MMOs of 2024, Ranked By Hype Level

The world of MMOs is always buzzing with excitement, and as we look ahead to 2024, 2025, and the years beyond, there are so many great-looking upcoming MMOs to get excited about. The upcoming MMORPGs in the list below are shaping up to be something really special. Thanks to leaps in technology and storytelling, games like Throne and Liberty, Ashes of Creation, and Path of Exile 2 are looking to up the ante with worlds more vibrant and stories more captivating than we’ve seen before.

These games are just a few of the most anticipated MMOs of 2024, and they’re stirring up a lot of buzz. These aren’t just games with prettier graphics or bigger maps. The focus is shifting towards creating living, breathing worlds where your choices really matter, and where every player’s story can unfold in its own unique way.

2024 is shaping up to be a landmark year in the gaming industry, with several of the most anticipated MMORPGs finally making their debut. So if you’re wondering what new MMOs are coming out soon, here are all of the upcoming new MMOs of 2024, 2025, and beyond – ranked from most to least anticipated (or too far in the future for us to care too much about right now).

New MMOs Coming Soon

Blue Protocol

Release Date: 2024 (U.S.)
Developer: Bandai Namco
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Platform(s): PC
Sub-genre: MMORPG Anime

Blue Protocol is an upcoming MMORPG developed by Bandai Namco. The game is set in a fictional world filled with magic, technology, and adventure. Blue Protocol has generated a lot of hype due to its beautiful graphics, action-packed combat system, and compelling storyline.

In Blue Protocol, players take on the role of a member of the elite force known as the “Blue Sky Warriors.” As a member of this group, players will embark on a journey to protect the world from a mysterious evil force that threatens to destroy everything in its path. The game promises an immersive storyline filled with twists and turns that will keep players engaged for hours on end.

The game’s graphics are powered by Unreal Engine 4, and the developers have taken full advantage of the engine’s capabilities to create a vibrant and detailed world. The environments in the game are filled with lush forests, towering mountains, and sprawling cities, all of which look incredibly realistic.

The combat system in Blue Protocol is also a major selling point. Unlike many other MMORPGs that rely on tab-targeting, Blue Protocol features a fast-paced live-action combat system that requires skill and strategy. Players will be able to dodge, block, and counter their opponents’ attacks, and each class has a unique set of abilities and playstyle.

In terms of character customization, Blue Protocol offers a wide range of options. Players can choose from four different classes: Aegis Fighter, Twin Striker, Blast Archer, and Spellcaster. Each class has its own unique abilities and playstyle, and players can customize their characters’ appearance with a variety of different outfits and accessories.

Another exciting feature of Blue Protocol is its multiplayer aspect. Players can team up with friends to take on challenging quests and dungeons or compete against each other in PvP battles. The game also features a robust crafting system, allowing players to create weapons, armor, and other items to aid them on their journey.

Blue Protocol is currently in development, with no official release date announced yet. However, the game has already generated a lot of excitement among MMORPG fans, and many are eagerly awaiting its release. With its stunning graphics, action-packed combat system, and compelling storyline, Blue Protocol has the potential to be one of the best MMORPGs of the year.

If you’re looking for a new MMO like Genshin Impact, Blue Protocol might be for you.

Throne and Liberty

Release Date: Q4 2024 (South Korea), 2025 in the West [via WCCFTech]
Developer: NCSoft
Publisher: Amazon Games
Platform(s): PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S
Sub-genre: MMORPG

Throne and Liberty is the rebooted version of what was originally Lineage Eternaland now, it will use Unreal Engine 4. The newly-named Throne and Liberty MMO just had its official re-reveal earlier this summer, and holy hell does this baby look great!

One of the things that interests me the most about Throne and Liberty is its claim that weather and time of day will have a big influence on the world around you.

Screenshots show some super cool-looking enemies and sprawling cities and civilizations aplenty. And, the Throne and Liberty gameplay seen in the trailer showcases some really impressive-looking verticality to the game world. We also see a character morphing into an eagle to take flight across the sea and then arrive on a dock in the next cut, turning back into a human. We also see a giant rock elemental with some badass weaponry and plenty of other high-fantasy MMO staples.

I also really love the character movement that is being shown so far. It actually looks fun to move as your character. Like, they put some extra thought into making your character fun to play.

The official Steam listing also notes cross-platform multiplayer and full controller support, which is always exciting for us couch players.

The game will be another free-to-play MMO, which is mildly concerning. And, to be completely transparent, my lack of enthusiasm for Amazon Games is also casting a shadow of doubt that there won’t be some big glaring monetization issue.

But the even bigger big concern here is that it has NCSOFT as the publisher, and they’ve had so many problems in the past. Most recently, they let us down with how they handled WildStar, which is now going bye-bye. And, NCSOFT also shuttered ArenaNet, which will merge with NCSoft West – so things are looking pretty dire over there.

Path of Exile 2

Release Date: June 7, 2024
Developer: Grinding Gear Games
Publisher: Grinding Gear Games
Platform(s): PC
Sub-genre: Action MMORPG

Path of Exile 2, developed by Grinding Gear Games, is an upcoming sequel to the highly acclaimed Path of Exile, an online Action RPG set in a dark fantasy world. The original game, released in 2013, gained immense popularity for its complex skill system, deep item economy, and its commitment to being free-to-play without pay-to-win elements. Path of Exile 2 aims to continue this legacy while introducing a wealth of new content and improvements.

One of the most significant changes in Path of Exile 2 is the introduction of a new seven-act storyline, which will be accessible alongside the original game’s campaign. This approach means players can choose either campaign to start their journey, converging later for the shared endgame content. The sequel brings a fresh narrative, exploring new environments and themes, while retaining the rich lore and dark atmosphere that fans loved in the first game.

Gameplay-wise, Path of Exile 2 promises several advancements. Notably, it revamps the skill system to allow more freedom in character development. The game introduces new skill gems, which are integral to the game’s deep customization system, enabling players to tailor their characters to their play style intricately. The sequel also promises improvements in graphics and animations, providing a more visually stunning and fluid combat experience.

Grinding Gear Games, the New Zealand-based developer, is known for its close relationship with its community, often incorporating player feedback into game updates. Their commitment to regular content updates and expansions has kept Path of Exile fresh and engaging over the years, a practice they intend to continue with the sequel.

As for the release date, as of my last update in April 2023, Grinding Gear Games had not announced an official release date for Path of Exile 2. The game was first revealed in 2019, and several delays have pushed its launch further back. The developers have emphasized their desire to ensure the game meets the high expectations of its community, opting for a “when it’s ready” approach rather than rushing to meet a specific release window. Fans are eagerly anticipating further announcements, with hopes high for a release that lives up to the legacy of its predecessor.


Release Date: Q1 2024
Developer: Tencent
Publisher: Tencent
Platform(s): PC, Mobile
Sub-genre: Fantasy MMORPG

Dive into the immersive world of Tarisland, an upcoming MMORPG that’s all set to redefine your gaming experience with its expansive lore, visually stunning landscapes, and a deep-seated commitment to fair play mechanics. The game boasts a vivid, fantastical universe filled with breathtaking environments that are a treat to explore. One moment, you might be traversing ethereal forests shrouded in mist, and the next, you’re braving the scorching sands of a merciless desert.

Selecting your virtual avatar from the impressive lineup of nine distinct classes, each with its unique abilities and skillsets, you’re invited to craft an alter ego that resonates with your personal playstyle. Whether you’re into the front-line valor of a shielded warrior or prefer the shadowy subtlety of a rogue, Tarisland has your back. Your chosen class will shape your journey and the tactics you employ in the countless adventures that await.

Cross-play progression is the cherry on top, seamlessly integrating your progress across platforms. It’s the freedom to switch from your gaming PC to your handheld device without missing a beat, maintaining the continuity of your adventure wherever you are. This flexibility is perfect for gamers who are always on the move but never want to put their quests on pause.

Moreover, Tarisland takes a stand against the pay-to-win model, paving the way for an ecosystem where skill, wit, and teamwork reign supreme. Here, your time and talent lead to triumphs – not the depth of your pockets. This commitment to non-P2W is a breath of fresh air for players who value challenge and fairness in their gaming experience.

So, sharpen your swords, ready your spells, and prepare to write your legend on the canvas of Tarisland – coming soon.

Myth of Empires

Release Date: TBA 2024
Developer: Angela Game
Publisher: Imperium Interactive
Platform(s): PC
Sub-genre: Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG

Venture forth into the sandbox realm of Myth of Empires, an MMORPG where the allure of power and the drive for conquest fuse into an experience of epic proportions. Here, you’re not just any wanderer; you’re an architect of your own destiny, building an empire from the bare earth beneath your feet. Envision towering fortresses and sprawling cities—every stone placed a testament to your resolve and strategy.

This world comes laden with an arsenal of hundreds of different weapons and pieces of armor, complemented by large-scale engineering equipment that’s as mesmerizing as it is deadly. Picture the thrill of catapults laying siege to enemy walls while you don weapon and shield, preparing to charge through the breach.

But don’t think your battlefield is limited; Myth of Empires features cross-server skirmishes known as Fortress Battles, where glory and ruin are but a sword’s edge apart. Join forces or declare your might across servers as you lay claim to being the ultimate commander.

For the mavericks out there, the game boasts the support of custom servers alongside its own official servers, ensuring that you can tailor your conquests to your liking. Meanwhile, a robust wildlife and taming system beckons the would-be beastmasters, adding an extra layer of strategy and wilderness survival.

You can play Myth of Empires solo or with friends.

In Myth of Empires, history isn’t written—it’s forged by the hands of those who dare to shape it. Will you rise as a benevolent ruler or a tyrannical overlord? The sands of time await your empire’s print.

Chrono Odyssey

Developer: Npixel
Release Date: 
Subgenre: Sci-Fi MMO

Chrono Odyssey is an upcoming open-world MMORPG developed by the South Korean studio NPIXEL. The game is set in the world of Setera, a realm where players have the power to manipulate both time and space. One of the standout features of the game is its use of Unreal Engine 5, which promises visually stunning, seamless biomes. Players will wield a powerful artifact known as the Chronotector, created by an ancient civilization. This artifact allows you to stop time, rewind events, explore other timelines, and overcome challenges. The game offers six different class types and features both player-vs-player (PvP) and player-vs-environment (PvE) content. The game is also notable for its real-time combat system, where players can swap between weapons on the fly and face unpredictable enemies requiring strategic thinking.

The world of Setera is not just a peaceful realm; it’s also the frontlines of a war against the Void, otherworldly invaders that reject life itself. As a wielder of the Chronotector, players will embark on epic quests to uncover mysteries and secrets while surviving in this complex world. The game also features a job system similar to that in Final Fantasy XIV, with six jobs having access to two weapon types each. The game aims to offer a seamless open world, complete with dynamic weather and seasons to add to the immersion. With its unique features and immense potential, Chrono Odyssey is certainly a title to keep an eye on as we move into 2024.

Dune: Awakening

Developer: Funcom
Release Date: 
TBD (Closed Beta Early 2024)
Platform(s): PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC
Wishlist on Steam

Dune: Awakening is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Funcom, based on the critically acclaimed science fiction novel Dune by Frank Herbert (one of the best sci-fi books of all-time). The game is set in the vast and dangerous universe of Dune, a desert planet known for its scarce resources, political intrigue, and fierce battles between rival factions.

The game is set to take place thousands of years before the events of the original novel, allowing players to explore the early days of the Dune universe and shape its future. Players will be able to choose their faction, each with its own unique strengths, weaknesses, and political goals. The factions available in the game include the noble House Atreides, the power-hungry House Harkonnen, and the mysterious Bene Gesserit sisterhood.

Players will be able to create their own characters, customizing their appearance, skills, and equipment to suit their playstyle. The game will feature a deep and immersive storyline, with plenty of quests, missions, and activities for players to engage in. Whether players choose to fight for their faction, trade resources, explore the dangerous desert landscape, or engage in political intrigue, they will always have something to do in Dune: Awakening.

The game’s combat system will be action-packed and challenging, with players needing to rely on their skills and reflexes to defeat enemies. Combat will be skill-based, with different factions having their own unique combat styles and abilities. Players will also be able to engage in large-scale battles, with hundreds of players fighting for control of key strategic locations across the planet.

Dune: Awakening will feature a vast and dynamic open world, with a range of environments to explore, from the vast deserts to the bustling cities. The game will also feature a dynamic weather system, with sandstorms and other natural phenomena affecting gameplay. The world will be filled with dangerous creatures and hostile factions, making exploration and survival a constant challenge.

The game will also feature a robust crafting system, allowing players to create their own weapons, armor, and equipment from the resources they gather. Players will be able to trade resources with other players, creating a vibrant and dynamic economy.

Corepunk MMO


Release Date: Closed Beta Coming in 2023, Release TBA
Developer: Artificial Core
Publisher: Artificial Core
Platform(s): PC
Sub-genre: MMOARPG

Corepunk is an upcoming top-down MMORPG developed by Artificial Core, a relatively new name in the gaming industry. Set in a seamless, open-world environment, it distinguishes itself with a unique blend of science fiction and fantasy themes, offering a refreshing aesthetic that stands out from the traditional fantasy-dominated MMO landscape.

One of the key features that set Corepunk apart is its fog-of-war mechanic. This element, more commonly seen in strategy games, adds an intriguing layer of mystery and exploration, as players need to physically travel to unveil different parts of the world map. This mechanic not only enhances the sense of discovery but also plays a strategic role in both PvE and PvP encounters, ensuring that each journey across the game’s diverse environments remains unpredictable and engaging.

Artificial Core is also implementing a robust, AI-driven weather system that impacts visibility and gameplay. This dynamic weather, coupled with the game’s day-night cycle, adds depth to the gaming experience, influencing both combat strategies and player interactions.

The combat system in Corepunk offers a blend of traditional tab-targeting with more modern, skill-shot based mechanics. This hybrid approach allows for a more varied and strategic combat experience, catering to a wide range of player preferences.

Overall, Corepunk promises an innovative take on the MMORPG genre, combining familiar elements with new mechanics and a distinctive art style, potentially offering a fresh and immersive experience to MMO veterans and newcomers alike.

You can see a little bit of Corepunk gameplay if you follow their news blog.


Release Date: Q3 2024
Developer: NetEase Games
Publisher:NetEase Games
Platform(s): PC
Sub-genre: Post-Apocalyptic MMORPG
Wishlist on Steam

In the ever-evolving landscape of MMOs, Ashfall emerges as the latest creation from the minds at Legendary Star Studios, with Nexon flexing its publishing muscles to bring this title to a screen near you. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where high-tech meets the ruins of civilization, players find themselves navigating a landscape that’s as beautiful as it is dangerous.

What sets Ashfall apart from the crowded MMO space is not just its striking visual appeal but the blending of traditional MMO mechanics with real-time action combat. This means every dodge, block, and attack is not just a mere click but a carefully timed move that demands precision and strategy. Whether you’re venturing alone or with comrades, the gameplay insists on a tactical approach to overcome the challenges that lay in the remnants of the world.

Besides the usual questing and dungeon crawling, Ashfall encourages players to interact with its open world in meaningful ways. The game includes an intriguing base-building feature that allows players to carve out their own piece of the post-apocalyptic wilderness, adding a personal touch to the vast world.

In a genre where innovation is often incremental, Ashfall promises to deliver an engaging experience by combining the best of both worlds: the immersive, storyline-driven journey of an RPG and the dynamic, skill-based action of a top-tier combat game.


Release Date: TBD (Sounds like 2024)
Developer: Hypixel Studios
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Platform(s): PC
Sub-genre: Procedurally Generated Block MMORPG

Hytale looks like a mash-up of Minecraft and Portal Knights, and we’re totally okay with that. It’s a procedurally generated, block-based MMORPG world filled with dungeons and all of the loot you can get. The game’s official site notes ‘teetering towers and deep dungeons promise rich rewards.’

Each new zone will feature its own unique wildlife and powerful monsters to destroy your tranquility. Or you can just ignore all of that and go about building and crafting.

There will also be some good ‘ole fashioned crop growing, building, pets, mounts, and building things like ‘boats and other vehicles’ for your exploratory needs or a castle to live in.

The developers boast that the game will have tons of fun minigames and more will be created by the community after launch.

Project Gorgon

project gogron

Developer: Elder Game, LLC
Publisher: Elder Game, LLC
Release Date: Now Available in Early Access, Full release TBD
Platform(s): PC
Sub-Genre: Fantasy Survival MMO

This is a fantasy RPG that’s now available via Steam’s Early Access, but we don’t have a lot of hope for it, given the terrible-looking graphics that would make the original Xbox cringe. If you can ignore its ugliness, there could be a gem of a game waiting for you, as it does have an ambitious skill-based-leveling system that will allow you to shake the current trend of pre-determined class systems.

The devs also tout that they won’t be holding your hand through it, meaning you’ll have to discover everything on your own. One interesting mechanic that I don’t think we’ve seen in any other MMORPG is the fact that Shopkeepers keep inventory, so you can actually buy items that other players have sold to them.

The game is, surprisingly, rated ‘Very Positive’ on Steam from over 280 reviewers, so maybe there is hope for it. For now, it’s on our radar and we’ll be keeping an eye out for it.

MMO Expansions Coming in 2024

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

World of Warcraft: The War Within

WoW Cataclysm Classic

Ultima Online: New Legacy

New MMOs coming in 2025 and Beyond

Ashes of Creation

Release Date: Never (It’s TBA, but it has been in development forever already)
Developer: Intrepid Studios
Publisher: Intrepid Studios, My.com
Platform(s): PC
Sub-genre: MMORPG

What is the next big MMORPG? The answer is Ashes of Creation.

Ashes of Creation is our most anticipated MMO on the horizon, and with every bit of new in-engine footage we see, we get more and more excited, and the most recent Alpha One Early Preview from Intrepid has our hype level at an all-time high. This Ashes of Creation alpha preview gave us an interesting look at one of the raid bosses, a giant red dragon, as well as a good look at how town mayors look.

One of the key features of this high fantasy MMO is a player-driven world with a unique node system that will allow players to build the world up around them. Will you build up your defenses or set out to destroy other player creations?

The server will have dynamic, ever-changing content because of the unique system, with each server having different ebbs and flows. Players will have their own housing, as they can build and own buildings around the world — from farms to mansions.

One of its other key features is the ability to siege castles. Build up a guild filled with allies to take down other castles and create your own dynasty.

Everything we’ve seen from Ashes of Creation so far points to it being a wildly unique experience where players shape the world around them. With player housing, a player-driven economy, and an apparent lawless land, it looks like we’re in for something incredible.

But it also contains the familiar fantasy tropes and style we’re looking for in an MMO, and when you pair this with all of the new ideas it’s trying to bring into the genre, it should be no surprise that Ashes of Creation is one of our most anticipated upcoming MMORPGs. Here’s to hoping AoC is loaded with rich lore, epic-looking gear, and some incredible PvP battles.

At one point, we had Ashes of Creation slated as the potential best MMORPG of 2023, but it likely still won’t see the light of day for another couple of years.

Read more about Ashes of Creation here.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Release Date: TBD, Currently in Pre-Alpha 5
Developer: Visionary Realms
Publisher: ?
Platform(s): PC
Sub-genre: MMORPG

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an MMORPG based on high fantasy, and it is, of course, set in a large open world. It will have a strong focus on group-oriented content and social interaction. It’ll take place on Terminus, a world populated by deities and heroes. The player takes on the role of a legendary hero, and you’re tasked with reclaiming long-lost relics. The combat will focus on preparation and awareness, allowing players to be challenged through scenarios that require understanding and skill to rise above their opponents.

The developers at Visionary Realms note that there will be activities in which players can do on their own, but the majority of the content will need to be conquered with others, with a strong focus on the importance of a player’s reputation.

The game remains in a pre-alpha state, which it has been in since December 2017. And that’s ok – Visionary Realms is keeping us all quite up-to-date with their monthly newsletter updates. Seriously – if you want to know more about Pantheon’s progress, just sign-up for the newsletter – it’s super detailed!

Their most recent note from the producer explained a node-based ability system that’s in progress, calling it a ‘game changer.’ He also noted that the programming team has created some robust new tools for the design team that allows them to place quests, storylines, and dialog much more easily than before. In the update, the producer noted that the next pre-alpha access date will be soon. Dope.

Read more About Pantheon Here.

Camelot Unchained

upcoming mmorpgs

Release Date: TBA
Developer: City State Entertainment
Publisher: Snail Games
Platform(s): PC
Sub-genre: Fantasy MMORPG

If you’re looking for something with a more traditional fantasy style, check out the upcoming Camelot Unchained, a fantasy MMO running on the developer’s own Unchained Engine. The game was crowdfunded through a Kickstarter campaign — it raised over $2.2 million from over 14,000 backers — as well as backing from Mark Jacobs, the designer of Dark Age of Camelot. Camelot Unchained is said to be the spiritual successor for DAoC. It’ll have a significant focus on PvP, with large-scale battles set as the focus.

There are also some interesting and unique mechanics at play here. For one, you’ll be able to craft and build your own unique home, fort, or castle, instead of having to buy a premade one (which might be what we’re most excited about). You’ll have to defend your home against enemies as well. On top of that, the majority of the environment will have been built almost entirely by players. So, towns and cities will be crafted by players, and when they’re sacked by enemies, they’ll have to be rebuilt again.

Secondly, the proprietary engine will deliver massive, real-time battles between layers (up to 500 of them right now), with huge draw distances and a procedurally generated environment. Crazy.

The game has been in development for quite some time, and we have no idea when we should expect to get our hands on it. There was recently an update that noted that we can now expect the Camelot Unchained Beta 1 BY July 4, 2018 (the devs noted that if they can get it out sooner than that, they will, but July 4th is their buffer date).. However, hopefully, we’ll see a full release sooner rather than later. Read more..

Past Fate

Release Date: TBD (Sounds like 2025)
Developer: Icy North Games
Publisher: Icy North Games
Platform(s): PC
Sub-genre: Hardcore MMORPG
Wishlist on Steam

The upcoming MMORPG Past Fate is set in the mystical world of Nendhir, a land teeming with magic, conquest, and two warring factions: Valfalk and Morsath. Valfalk, a coalition between the Vikings of Hjyndall and the barbarians of Gulskir, controls the northern territories. On the other hand, Morsath, an alliance among the Kingdom of Edaria, the Kingdom of Drosus, and the Empire of Coria, holds sway over the central lands. As these factions battle for dominance, dark powers are also on the rise. The Cult of Voxyx in the south has awakened ancient dark lords, and in the west, the mighty dragon Yddrad threatens to engulf the world in flames. Players take on the role of mercenaries and can choose their own fate, aligning with a faction to conquer new lands and face the looming shadows.

The game is coming soon to Early Access on Steam and is expected to remain so for approximately two years. The Early Access version features core combat mechanics, fully developed quests in available areas, entry dungeons, and a few world bosses for lower-leveled players. The game offers five playable classes, including Necromancer, Pirate, Warrior, Mage, and Priest. It also has seven dungeons, world bosses, battlegrounds, an entry raid, and hundreds of quests and missions. The developers are keen on community involvement and are open to feedback to improve the game further. They plan to add more islands, continents, a naval system, a war system, additional dungeons, world bosses, and eventually raids as the game progresses.

City of Titans

city of titans release

Release Date: Still TBA
Developer: Missing Worlds Media
Publisher: Missing Worlds Media
Platform(s): PC
Sub-genre: Superhero MMO

There are two big genres we’ll never get tired of here at Nerd Much?: zombies and superheroes. Of course, the latter is the reason that City of Titans is on our radar. The upcoming superhero MMO from Missing Worlds Media is being touted as a spiritual successor to City of Heroes. Of course, those are some big superhero boots to fill, but this Kickstarter-funded MMO brought in double its initial goal of $320K.

City of Titans is an ambitious MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online game) currently in development by Missing Worlds Media, an indie game studio formed largely from volunteers. This project, initiated as a spiritual successor to the much-beloved City of Heroes, aims to capture the essence of its predecessor while introducing innovative mechanics and modern technology to the superhero genre in online gaming.

One of the unique aspects of City of Titans is its focus on character customization. The game promises an unprecedented level of control over character creation, allowing players to finely tailor their superheroes’ appearances, powers, and even their backstories. This deep customization extends to the player’s personal headquarters, which can be designed to their specifications.

Furthermore, City of Titans stands out for its narrative-driven approach. The developers emphasize a rich, evolving world with a dynamic storyline that reacts to player actions, offering a more personalized experience than typical MMOs. The game world, Titan City, is designed to be a character in itself, with distinct neighborhoods and an evolving environment that reflects the ongoing storyline.

Another key differentiator is its community-driven development. Missing Worlds Media, primarily composed of passionate volunteers and fans of superhero MMOs, actively engages with their community for feedback and ideas. This approach aims to ensure that City of Titans closely aligns with player expectations and desires for a superhero MMO.

In conclusion, City of Titans sets itself apart through its deep customization options, narrative focus, and community-driven development, promising a fresh and engaging experience in the superhero MMO space.

Ares: Rise of Guardians

Developer: Second Dive
Release Date: 
TBD (U.S.)
Platform(s): PC

The upcoming MMORPG Ares: Rise of Guardians is generating a lot of buzz in the gaming community. Developed by Second Dive and published by South Korean company Kakao Games, the game is set in the distant future of 3400 AD and promises to offer a new paradigm of action beyond repetitive field play. The game features console-quality graphics and a non-targeting system that maximizes action, allowing for powerful hits and overwhelming control. Players can experience fast-paced combat and turn the tide of battle with real-time suit changes. The game offers four unique suits—Hunter, Warlock, Warlord, and Engineer—each with its own set of weapons and skills for players to customize their battle experience.

What sets Ares: Rise of Guardians apart is its focus on both ground and aerial battles. From free-for-all aerial fights to boarding battles, the game aims to offer a different play experience with massive content across planets and beyond. Players can also engage in ‘4-player elite raids’ to ’30-player large-scale raids,’ battling powerful bosses and overcoming challenges with teammates. While the game is still in the pre-production stage, pre-registration events are already underway, offering exclusive benefits like EXP and Gold boosters for early adopters. There is currently no official update regarding the game’s global release date or the platforms it will be available on.

Eternal Tombs

(Formerly War of Dragnorox)

Developer: Triune Studios
Release Date: 
Platform(s): PC
Sub-Genre: Dynamic Warfare MMORPG

Formerly known as War of Dragnorox, Triune Studios has changed the name of this exciting upcoming MMO to Eternal Tombs. Its intriguing story is still revolving around Dragnorox, and his introduction of magic to the land of Mithir, as he aims to dominate the hearts of all creatures. However, his malevolent intentions were uncovered, leaving considerable destruction in his wake. Countless beings were twisted and corrupted, forced into servitude under his dark command.

Responding to the encroaching darkness, Dwarven King Rofmak took a decisive stand, prohibiting the use of magic and pursuing the eradication of those who had strayed too far down its treacherous path. Dragnorox and his followers fled in fear, retreating to distant realms to conceal their malefic presence.

Now, after the passage of two centuries, the sinister descendants of Dragnorox have resurfaced, fueled by a thirst for vengeance. Their return heralds a quest for blood and retribution.

In Eternal Tombs, you’ll collaborate closely with your community to propel the world onward in the ongoing war against Dragnorox and his sinister minions.

Eternal Tombs stands as a Dynamic Warfare MMORPG, where the very fabric of the universe is shaped by live Tomb Masters as you engage. This immersive experience encapsulates the essence of classic Dungeons N Dragons adventures. Each day is brimming with events, quests, resource gathering and crafting, creature confrontations, architectural development, zone unlocking, and monumental boss battles.

Guided by live Dungeon Masters operating behind the scenes, the game’s ever-evolving narrative enhances your journey, weaving a personalized tapestry of adventure.

ET has our interest. Let’s see how it shapes up!

(Blizzard) Odyssey

blizzard odyssey mmo

Developer: Blizzard
Release Date: 
Subgenre: Survival MMO

Jez Corden tantalizingly teased on a recent Xbox Two podcast [found via Reddit] that Blizzard’s Odyssey is significantly closer than we think it is. He also hinted at some of the features and a little bit of what we can expect. One such feature is the incorporation of MMO elements, with Corden alluding to the exciting prospects of trading systems and the inclusion of player-owned shops.

Rumor has it that Blizzard’s new game is a survival MMO.

Adding to the excitement is the revelation that the Odyssey will adopt a first-person perspective—a departure from Blizzard’s customary third-person viewpoint.

While the game remains in its developmental stages, a collection of additional insights from the preceding year provides a more comprehensive peek into the world of Odyssey.

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Havenhold (Formerly Starkeepers)

Developer: Wolfpack Games
Wolfpack Games
Release Date: 
Subgenre: Fantasy MMORPG
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The upcoming MMORPG Havenhold is developed by Wolfpack Games and promises an action-packed experience that combines fighting game combat with strategic sandbox building. Set in a world emerging from ruins, players have the opportunity to forge their own destiny. The game allows you to construct powerful fortresses, known as Skykeeps, and dominate rival factions to establish your ultimate Havenhold. One of the unique features is the hero-driven gameplay, where you can embody different ancient warriors, personalize them with unique attributes, and equip them with crafted weapons.

The game is coming to Early Access, and the developers aim to offer more content in the full version, including new heroes, dungeons, and dynamic quests. They plan to launch the full release within 12 months from the start of Early Access, depending on player feedback. The Early Access version is designed to give players a taste of what’s to come and invites the community to be more involved in shaping the game’s development. The developers are open to feedback across various platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Reddit, and are committed to building a game that is both fun and competitive.

Cancelled MMOs

Lord of the Rings MMO from Athlon Games CANCELLED

Developer: Athlon Games
Amazon Game Studios
Release Date: 
TBA, likely 2022

Amazon just announced that a Lord of the Rings MMO, separate from LOTRO, is in development from Athlon Games and the team behind New World (which just wrapped up its alpha test). The studio includes many veteran developers from some of the best MMOs, including Everquest, World of Warcraft, and Destiny.

More info to come as we get it. It’s possible it will release in conjunction with the Amazon LOTR series for some marketing synergy, but that’s just speculation.

Unfortunately, the highly anticipated upcoming Lord of the Rings MMO from Athlon Games has been cancelled, which is further showing that Amazon Game Studios just doesn’t know how to publish games. Here’s to hoping New World won’t let us down, but almost everything else the company was going to publish has not made it.

Chronicles of Elyria CANCELLED

chronicles of elyria

Release Date: TBA 2020
Developer: Soulbound Studios
Publisher: ?
Platform(s): PC

Taking the massively multiplayer online genre to the next step is Chronicles of Elyria, a game that was recently funded on Kickstarter (check out the Kickstarter video above). There are a lot of interesting ideas contained in Elyria, and hopefully, we’ll be able to get a hands-on with an alpha sometime soon. The main idea behind Chronicles of Elyria is that your character actually ages and dies in the game.

It will also have a closed economy, FINITE RESOURCES, and quests that aren’t repeatable. What’s more, it has fully destructible environments that will allow the game to be experienced differently for every character.

Each time players login, there will be a dynamic world waiting. And, we certainly can’t wait to login. We’re hoping that we’ll hear some more details about this highly anticipated MMORPG.

Unfortunately, Chronicles of Elyria is no longer in development and is now widely considered a scam. It was announced at the end of March 2020 that the game’s development has been canceled, despite raising $7.9M through crowdfunding. I highly recommend watching The Lazy Peon’s overview explaining it all.

Note: We left two types of MMOs off of this list: mobile MMORPGs and any MMO that mentions Blockchain usage because they’re a rabbit hole on their own. Check out our list of new and upcoming mobile MMOs here. We also excluded any blockchain MMO/metaverse-type game.

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