Top 22 Best Upcoming MMORPGs of 2022 & Beyond (Updated!)

We’ve certainly had our fair share of disappointing new MMO releases over the past few years — most notably WildStar (R.I.P.) and Revelation Online. And, in 2021, Amazon Games’ New World had its 10 seconds of prominence before everyone burnt out and left. Before that, Crowfall dropped and, unfortunately, it failed to capture enough of an audience.

But, there are quite a few promising upcoming MMORPGs coming soon (in 2022 and beyond) that we can’t wait to get our hands-on.

We’d hate for you to have to spend hours and hours creating a character and wasting your life away on one of these games that don’t have a pay-off. All too often, these types of games can just be an endless time-sink. That’s not what we’re looking for, though; we want something juicier, something meatier. Something that isn’t pay-to-win.

This list contains all of the best-looking upcoming video games in the MMO genre coming to North America in 2021 and beyond. We’ll note that we tried to include every upcoming MMORPG we could find in development, but we excluded browser-based and lower quality titles simply because, well, they’re not worth our time (nor are they worth yours).

So if you’re looking for new MMORPGs to play, here are all of the upcoming new MMOs of 2022, 2023, and beyond:

Note: We left mobile MMORPGs off of this list because it’s a rabbit hole on its own. Check out our list of the new and upcoming mobile MMOs here. We also excluded any blockchain MMO/metaverse-type game.

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World of Warcraft Dragonflight Expansion

Blizzard has announced a new World of Warcraft expansion titled Dragonflight, and it’s certainly a big one.

Blizzard keeps trying to bring us back by bringing back older WoW elements and enhancing tons of in-game features to update and enhance the gameplay. Especially with the announcement, Blizzard made with the new max level of characters being raised to 70.

Blizzard released a huge in-depth game release report that’s chock-full of all the new features, classes, areas, and other game features they are adding. Let’s summarize them for you so you can get back to Battling, Looting, and exploring faster.


Blizzard has announced the first of its kind creature class, essentially a new creature type that’s locked in with a class only made for its creature type and with the name, Dracthyr Evoker they are to be feared. While being created by the Neltharion to wield the magic of all five dragons. Will it live up to what we hope comes from this new creature class especially with the dragon class starting at level 58.

These new dragons will allow you to have two forms you can switch from, a human-like look to a fearless dragon humanoid form that according to Blizzard will be fully customizable to fit the player’s style and personality.  

The Dracthyr Evokers will be feared while in dragon form as they will be able to use their wings to soar over the land and battlefield and use their claws as weapons of annihilation.

The Dracthyr Evokers will also have two specializations based on the new dragon types in this expansion and all its mystery and lore.

The Devastation specialization will be the way to go if you’re the DPS style player, according to blizzard utilizes the power of the Red Dragonflight and the powerful magic of the Blue Dragonflight. 

While if healing is more your style the Preservation specialization is the way to go, utilizing the healing power of the Green Dragonflight and the Bronze Dragonflight’s power of manipulating time to cast heals faster and more.

With Blizzard also including a new spell type called Empower allowing a whole new ballgame to the fight, battle, raid, and questing battling while playing as these intense dragon creatures.

WoW players will now be able to hold a button on their keyboard to power up spells. Allowing the player to now long hold spells to cast stronger more powerful spells with the possibility of hitting additional targets or casting faster spells that are slightly less powerful puts more power and diversity into the player’s hand.

New Dragon Flying Mounts

While we all know and love flying mounts we already use in-game since the Burning Crusade expansion came out, now blizzard is revamping the whole flying experience with dragons riding while adding real-world aspects.

These new fully customizable mounts are based on the new 4 Dragon Isles Drakes that will have endless possibilities to match your personality and make no 2 dragons alike. While some of the customization options are unlocked and earned once achieved maximum level in the dragon-riding skill that will be bringing back the feel of accomplishment with the game time to achieve the maximum level.

Blizzard is now bringing WoW into a more realistic feel and aspects of the real world with the incorporation of gravity allowing you to lose speed while ascending and gain speed while descending. Making some players who fly routes for their dairy farm grind wonder will these new attributes affect the in-game times they’ve come used to with fly speeds not being affected in the old to current WoW. 

Blizzard is keeping with the idea of making gameplay have a more real-world feel throughout the game including their incorporation of exhaustion in the flying gameplay with it upgrading as you progress your dragon-riding skill.

These mounts now will have more maneuverability and abilities making flying in battle more intensive and immersive. While once again Blizzard brings back the concept of max leveling, saying that dragon-riding leveling will bring new and better maneuvers and skills.

The Dragon Isles

The lost and ancient continent that is The Dragon Isles has the lost magic of the Dragonflight and mystery that players can now explore with this new expansion. While Blizzard has kept a lot of what to expect in the dragon Isles campaign and storyline, we can hope to expect a lot from this new expansion. While we sit in wait hopefully the developers soon may share more with us on what to expect from this new area with 4 new zones in it and if the story is going to tie back to the Shadowlands expansion and storyline.

The Dragon Isles will have 4 new zones for WoW players to explore, quest, and battle. The expansion has been told to be taken place in the lands of Azeroth. While each zone has its special landscape and story, you will be able to get there from either Orgimar or
Stormwinds alike according to Blizzard.

The Waking Shores being the first of 4 of the questlines zones this expansion has to offer where you can first see the vast lands that you be able to see new dragon magic the land creates. This is where the Horde and the Alliance alike have started their quest to see this new magic they have discovered. This is where you’ll be introduced to the Red Dragonflight and their leader Queen Alexstrasza, the Life-bender. While also being home told to be the ancestral ground to the infamous Black Dragonflight. This land holds tons of mysteries and magic that we will have to see how it plays out.

On your journey thru Dragon Isles, your second stop will be the Ohn’ahran Plains, named after the god of the wind. Here is where players can expect to be introduced to the Green Dragonflight. While the Green Dragonflight hides in the coves hiding from the Centaur led by Maruuk and Teera. We can expect to fight amongst side the Centaur and gain their trust to fight off the Protodragons that span the land.

Home of the Blue Dragonflight, The Azure Span will be the third zone you encounter in The Dragon Isles. Blizzard is saying that this zone will be one of the biggest zones created in WoW today, while also having the largest change of elevation zones in the game, which makes sense with the whole dragon theme and all. While players can expect a feel from Grizzly Hills with a coastal feel amongst the redwoods, the zone will also have huge snow tundra and frozen all around as you quickly make yourself up in elevation. 

Wrapping up the quest and leveling the upside of this new land players will come to across Thaldraszus. While the rest of these new lands are in ruins here you can expect beautiful intact buildings with it being the main home to the dragons of all fractions. The players will also see the Bronze Dragonflight home here. The main city hub for this area will be found here, the city of Valdraken. Expect to see your normal city hub booming with players at the auction house, or just craft up some things.

Don’t worry dungeon and raid players, Blizzard has announced new dungeons such as Neltharus Stronghold where players will fight against the ancient Black Dragonflight to reclaim the stronghold. Players will also be able to explore previously unexplored chambers of ULdanman, also defending the life Pools of the Red Dragonflight, and more according to blizzard. Players who enjoy the raids more will be able to raid into the ancient dragon prison of the primal incarnates, before they can relish their power against the Dragon Aspect, so many new options for serious and new gamers alike coming from Blizzard it seems.

Talent Tree Update

We all remember in the days of original WoW the good old talent tree well Blizzard has finally decided to bring it back and revamp the whole thing. They will be dividing the trees into two different categories this time around to allow you to hone in more on what you’re looking for with each character in our class you decide to build.

The first talent tree that you will have to build your class out with will focus more on Class utility and what specs you wish to play whether that be healing, DPS, or tanking. While you’ll also start with one additional point to spend class tree according to blizzard.

The second talent tree will be more like the one we currently have in WoW allowing you to choose your spec-specific talents and abilities. While also trying to bring classes into more customizable towards build and spec wants from its players.

They claim these efforts are to bring the power back to us players, with preserving the current system of changing talents in the current frequency we are playing with now. They are also integrating ways to save and easily load out builds whether you are raiding, powering thru dungeons with your friends, or throwing down in some intense PVP battles. They even allow players to name their saves and load them very quickly to switch in a drop of a dime, essentially allowing people to have multiple builds based on the specs they are after making it more about individual play and situations.

Profession Re-Design

We all love the professions with all the gathering and crafting. While some when maxed out can be a serious earner of gold at the auction house or for stacks for then dungeon runs or PVP runs. They have announced tons of new features and addons to the already great platform.

Now they are integrating a new system called crafting orders. This will now allow players who don’t have the high levels to have some access to higher-level crafting, which they would be able to do before. Players will now be able to request from other players who have the level or recipes to craft items for those players. Players who request the craft will supply some or all of the ingredients needed to craft the item including ones only soul bound to specific players and get them crafted in front of you or thru an NPC who will bring it to the auction to send the orders out. They are also incorporating crafting tables in the new City hub Valdrakken in the Dragon Isles, essentially allowing players to meet face to face for crafting orders.

They will now allow you to make orders either public for anybody to do for you, have members of your guild perform the craft for you, or send out it to friends or specific players who have the levels to perform the craft or have the recipe. They did say you can have items crafted by other players that are soul bound to your character which before only was capable of crafting the item yourself which is a pretty cool idea in my mind-expanding a whole new inventory to players who haven’t built up all the professions.

Blizzard has finally come out with a resource quality as well as a crafting quality aspect to the game. The craft will be higher quality with the higher quality resources you decide to use for the craft allowing stronger items and more effects or longer effects on higher or lower qualities which I think will bring the profession a whole new game.

They are also adding a more specialization aspect to the profession, which comes as no surprise with all these options to customize your characters more which seems to be Blizzard’s main concern, which is great, power to the players. This is for both crafting and gathering according to a blizzard, allowing stats specifically for both. Crafting will allow you to specialize per profession which isn’t a new thing, but they are bringing ways to go out and get points towards professions. Blizzard said that players will be able to find books or  NPCs out in the world of WoW, which allows players to in the guild scene more valuable based on being able to craft higher grade equipment based on specialization. 

Finally, Blizzard is adding Profession specific gear that allows players to automatically switch to when doing certain gathering or crafting tasks such as mining or herb gatherings. On a plus, they also said this gear will not take up any of that precious bag space we all fight to save on when out on a gathering or crafting run, which will also help building professions more anywhere.

System Updates

With every expansion, Blizzard is always adding new interface options and features and updating the UI of the game. Blizzard has announced tons of upgrades in the system to bring them more into modern times while always upgrading. They are releasing a lot with this expansion. 

They will be adding a lot of our beloved addons some serious players use for dungeon runs or PVP battles. This will be nice for players who don’t know much about add-ons and bring that ideal of customizable gameplay which has been a reoccurring idea from Blizzard. 

They will in addition be bringing in a Slightly larger minimap, health bars, and actions bars in their efforts of updating the imagery. They also added more modern art graphics into the game like the action bar griffons or wyverns looking fantastic from the teaser photos they released.

Whilst decluttering the screen for a better gaming experience, allowing players to move more of the elements of the HUD helping with quick spec changes addon functionality and fully customizable gaming experience whether u like basic gameplay or want to optimize for serious gamers. 

Blizzard’s new expansion seems to completely revamp the game it seems to bring the power back to the player and how they can make their characters match their build or the way they perform gameplay. 

All while bringing back and maintaining older aspects from WoW users all fell in love within the earlier WoW days as an effort to bring WoW back to its former glory.

Only time will tell how this new expansion will truly improve or work against the rise of WoW again, but with this realization, they have pretty big shoes to fill and we hope Blizzard won’t disappoint. Let us know what you think about Blizzard’s expansion and try to bring Wow back to its former glory.

The Day Before

Developer: FNTASTIC
Publisher: MYTONA
Release Date: Summer 2021
Platform: PC

Take Tom Clancy’s The Division, add some DayZ, and sprinkle in a little The Last of Us for good measure, and you have The Day Before, yet another great-looking upcoming survival game. It may sound like an unbalanced conglomeration of games, but what FNTASTIC has presented so far of this zombie survival game has been nothing short of exciting. The world you once knew is gone, desolated by hordes of infected and opportunistic survivors. At this point, all you can do is survive from day to day, and you’ll need the right resources – food, water, transportation, firearms, and people you can trust. The Day Before thrusts players into this open-world MMO and sends you on a quest to locate survivor colonies and evade the many things (and people) looking to kill you.

Dual Universe

Release Date: Beta Playable Now, Full Release Slated for 2021

Dual Universe is an upcoming sci-fi space simulation MMO, with every construction and ship built in-game by players. It’s essentially a sandbox where players are tasked with building all of the civilizations, economy, trade, and warfare. That means players will create their own enemies (or defend themselves against others).

That means players will form their own alliances, stake claim to their own civilizations, and could potentially block off rare resources from other players with a military force. The possibilities are endless.

Dual Universe is the first game with a fully editable universe that is going to be built by players. And, at this point, it’s hard to tell if that’s going to be a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, we all love building stuff and crafting. On the other hand, though, you’ve got griefers, which has always been a problem with similar games before. How will Novaquark control griefers is the question.

Still, it’s a promising concept, and it uses a continuous single shard server – meaning you’ll essentially be able to play with millions of other players, instead of thousands. There aren’t multiple servers or shards; just one mega-sized one. It’s said to have elements of Eve Online meets Minecraft and No Man’s Sky. So, you know, count us in.

The game is currently in the beta stage. You can read more here.

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Ashes of Creation

Release Date: TBA
Developer: Intrepid Studios
Publisher: Intrepid Studios,
Platform(s): PC

Ashes of Creation is our most anticipated MMO on the horizon, and with every bit of new in-engine footage we see, we get more and more excited, and the most recent Alpha One Early Preview from Intrepid has our hype level at an all-time high. This Ashes of Creation alpha preview gave us an interesting look at one of the raid bosses, a giant red dragon, as well as a good look at how town mayors look.

One of the key features of this high fantasy MMO is a player-driven world with a unique node system that will allow players to build the world up around them. Will you build up your defenses or set out to destroy other player creations?

The server will have dynamic, ever-changing content because of the unique system, with each server having different ebbs and flows. Players will have their own housing, as they can build and own buildings around the world — from farms to mansions.

One of its other key features is the ability to siege castles. Build up a guild filled with allies to take down other castles and create your own dynasty.

Everything we’ve seen from Ashes of Creation so far points to it being a wildly unique experience where players shape the world around them. With player housing, a player-driven economy, and an apparent lawless land, it looks like we’re in for something incredible.

But it also contains the familiar fantasy tropes and style we’re looking for in an MMO, and when you pair this with all of the new ideas it’s trying to bring into the genre, it should be no surprise that Ashes of Creation is one of our most anticipated upcoming MMORPGs. Here’s to hoping AoC is loaded with rich lore, epic-looking gear, and some incredible PvP battles.

Read more about Ashes of Creation here.

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Singularity 6 is a game developer mixing pot made up of people from RIOT Games, Zynga, and Blizzard Entertainment. It’s not surprising that so many gamers have been anticipating great things to come from them. Their first game finally has an official announcement. 


Palia is an open-world, community-based MMO that takes place in a tranquil and picturesque land. In the game, you take on a human form and immerse yourself in a life of farming, relationship building, and perfecting your living quarters. 

Like popular games, including Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, Palia is centered around lifestyle and allows players to develop story arcs, including friendships and romantic relationships. In the game, you’ll be able to make friends with other players and a plethora of unique and adorable, neighborly critters.

 Of course, while you’re certainly able to go about the game as peacefully as you desire, players can also venture outside of town to find more adventure. Out in the woods, creatures you’re able to hunt or battle wolves and various other dangers that you’re sure to come across.

In Palia, players will find themselves waking up as humans who know nothing of their history. In the world of Palia, humans are a race that vanished thousands of years ago, and no one can be sure why. It’s up to the players to join one another as a community and uncover the secrets of their past.

Rather than focusing on guilds, as seen in most traditional MMO games, Palia focuses on creating and building neighborhoods. Throughout the game, as you progress, so will your community. Palia is an MMO game that aims to allow its players to come together and relax in a fantasy-lifestyle environment.

The game is currently available for beta testing on the PC, and players can sign up directly through the official Palia site.

Mad World

Release Date: TBD, Currently in Alpha
Developer: Jandisoft
Publisher: Jandisoft
Platform(s): PC, Mobile

Mad World is an upcoming 2D isometric MMORPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. It’s browser-based with the intent to be cross-platform. It has a unique hand-drawn art style that has a gritty look to it, and it will feature a classless weapons-based system.

If you look at the trailer above, you also get a glimpse of the quite extensive skill tree.

You can follow Mad World closely here.

Starborne: Frontiers

Release Date: May 2022
Developer: Solid Clouds
Publisher: Solid Clouds
Platform(s): PC, Mobile

Starborne: Frontiers is an MMO spinoff of the Starborne RTS. It’s a persistent space MMO that tasks you with exploring a vast universe while you team up with your friends for both PvE and PvP content.


starbase mmo

Release Date: Coming in 2021
Developer: Frozenbyte
Publisher: Frozenbyte
Platform(s): PC

Developer Frozenbyte has just announced Starbase, an upcoming sci-fi space MMO filled with robots, spaceships, and mega-sized space stations.

We don’t know much about it just yet, as the listing just dropped on Steam this morning. But there’s at least an announcement trailer on the listing page, as well as a link to their official site that contains more details.

On the official site, the devs note that Starbase will have destructible environments, with everything being fully destructible or disassembled, as long as players have the right tools and weaponry.

As far as the potential population is concerned, the site doesn’t say much more than a general “play and interact with thousands of players.”

Players will take part in a battle between two factions, the Empire and the Kingdom. Hopefully, players won’t be stuck choosing just between the two and there will be more options when the game launches.

What’s MOST interesting about Starbase is its building mechanics, as it looks to be pretty in-depth. According to the official site, players will be able to design ships and buildings right down to the literal bolts, with even the smallest of ships having thousands of parts. This could allow for a lot of creativity, so hopefully, it works as well in practice as it sounds on paper.

As expected with a space game, there appears to be a vast universe for players to discover and mine for resources.

What we don’t see in the announcement trailer is any variation in environments or gameplay; it all looks sort of, well, samey. Visual speaking, it also looks a little rough around the edges.

Although the game has secretly been in development for five years, things are still in a pre-alpha state, so there’s still plenty of time to get things up to par before a launch of any sort. We’ll definitely be looking to get our hands on it as soon as possible, so we’ll keep you all posted with more information as we learn it.



Release Date: Closed Beta Coming in Early 2021, Release TBA
Developer: Artificial Core
Publisher: Artificial Core
Platform(s): PC

Developer Artificial Core announced their new top-down cyberpunk MMORPG, properly named Corepunk, in December 2019.

And, we’re beyond excited for this one.

It’s got a strong Diablo meets WoW meets a cyberpunk setting vibe, and we’re ALL in for it so far. The game will have a seamless open world and will be large and dense, filled with “miles of wilderness to get lost in.”

The game will have all of the essential MMO elements we love, including an in-game economy, crafting, loot, instanced dungeons, guilds, and trading. On top of that, and one unique element we don’t often see in the MMO space, is that there will be branching quests and alternate endings that make sure no two playthroughs will be the same.

The game will utilize a fog-of-war system, too, that will add a bit of strategy to combat. And, players will battle in both PvP and PvE scenarios.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Release Date: TBA
Developer: Visionary Realms
Publisher: ?
Platform(s): PC

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an MMORPG based on high fantasy, and it is, of course, set in a large open world. It will have a strong focus on group-oriented content and social interaction. It’ll take place on Terminus, a world populated by deities and heroes. The player takes on the role of a legendary hero, and you’re tasked with reclaiming long-lost relics. The combat will focus on preparation and awareness, allowing players to be challenged through scenarios that require understanding and skill to rise above their opponents.

The developers at Visionary Realms note that there will be activities in which players can do on their own, but the majority of the content will need to be conquered with others, with a strong focus on the importance of a player’s reputation.

The game remains in a pre-alpha state, which it has been in since December 2017. And that’s ok – Visionary Realms is keeping us all quite up-to-date with their monthly newsletter updates. Seriously – if you want to know more about Pantheon’s progress, just sign-up for the newsletter – it’s super detailed!

Their most note from the producer explained a node-based ability system that’s in progress, calling it a ‘game changer.’ He also noted that the programming team has created some robust new tools for the design team that allows them to place quests, storylines, and dialog much more easily than before. In the update, the producer noted that the next pre-alpha access date will be soon. Dope.

Read more…


Release Date: TBA (Closed alpha Q3 2021)
Developer: Dynamight Studios
Dynamight Studios
Platform(s): PC

Fractured is an upcoming open world sandbox MMORPG that boasts leaving old RPG cliches behind, with every item in the game being crafted by players. It’ll also allow you to adventure with your friends right from day one, without having to worry about stats or your level. Instead, you’ll focus on expanding knowledge and reputation.

On top of that, you’ll be able to switch your abilities and reassign talents by just resting in front of a fire. In fact, Dynamight Studios boasts that it’s a MOBA with the persistent world of an MMO.

There will be over 400 abilities and 40 unique status effects for players to play around with and master.

The last update is that the game is having a stress test on May 28th.

Project TL

project tl

Release Date: TBA 2021
Developer: NCSoft
Publisher: NCSoft
Platform(s): PC

Project TL looks ridiculously great. We just got the reveal trailer from NCSOFT late last year, and it was one of the best game trailers of the year! There’s a lot of visually stimulating ideas to chew on here, including abilities with vibrant colors, some interesting-looking abilities we haven’t seen before, and a great top-down perspective you don’t see in the genre much. We also see a character scaling a big dilapidated structure of some sort, which implies scalability and verticality.

It’s the rebooted version of what was originally Lineage Eternaland now, it will use the Unreal Engine 4. We certainly shouldn’t expect it to release in 2018, but maybe, just maybe, we’ll get some sort of beta at the end of the year. Please, NCSOFT, give us THAT!

The big concern here is that it’s NCSOFT as the publisher, and they’ve had so many problems in the past. Most recently, they let us down with how they handled WildStar, which is now going bye-bye. And, just recently, NCSOFT also shuttered ArenaNet, which will merge with NCSoft West – so things are looking pretty dire over there.

Back in December 2019, NCSOFT announced that Project TL will launch its closed beta in the first half of 2020, and we likely won’t see anything resembling a final release until 2021.

Lost Ark

ascent infinite realm

Release Date: U.S. release early 2022
Developer: Smilegate
Publisher: Smilegate
Platform(s): PC

Lost Ark is an upcoming action MMO with a fantasy setting that’s pretty far along in development (in fact, most were expecting its release for 2017). Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and they’re still in closed beta testing at this time.

We still don’t have a western release date of any kind, but we’re salivating over every bit of footage we see. It’s fast-paced, and it allegedly has a strong emphasis on exploration. Footage so far shows brilliant visual effects.

We also don’t have confirmation of a western release, although there is a petition for one and, in all likelihood, we will eventually see one.

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Camelot Unchained

upcoming mmorpgs

Release Date: TBA 2022, Beta Access July 4, 2018
Developer: City State Entertainment
Publisher: Snail Games
Platform(s): PC

If you’re looking for something with a more traditional fantasy style, check out the upcoming Camelot Unchained, a fantasy MMO running on the developer’s own Unchained Engine. The game was crowdfunded through a Kickstarter campaign — it raised over $2.2 million from over 14,000 backers — as well as backing from Mark Jacobs, the designer of Dark Age of Camelot. Camelot Unchained is said to be the spiritual successor for DAoC. It’ll have a significant focus on PvP, with large-scale battles set as the focus.

There are also some interesting and unique mechanics at play here. For one, you’ll be able to craft and build your own unique home, fort, or castle, instead of having to buy a premade one (which might be what we’re most excited about). You’ll have to defend your home against enemies as well. On top of that, the majority of the environment will have been built almost entirely by players. So, towns and cities will be crafted by players, and when they’re sacked by enemies, they’ll have to be rebuilt again.

Secondly, the proprietary engine will deliver massive, real-time battles between layers (up to 500 of them right now), with huge draw distances and a procedurally generated environment. Crazy.

The game has been in development for quite some time, and we have no idea when we should expect to get our hands on it. There was recently an update that noted that we can now expect the Camelot Unchained Beta 1 BY July 4, 2018 (the devs noted that if they can get it out sooner than that, they will, but July 4th is their buffer date).. However, hopefully, we’ll see a full release sooner rather than later. Read more..

Blue Protocol

Release Date: TBA (likely 2022)
Developer: Bandai Namco
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Platform(s): PC

Another day, another anime MMORPG. Bandai’s Blue Protocol is getting a western release, although it likely won’t be until after it hits Japan and EU. A late 2021 U.S. release seems unlikely at this point, so we’re expecting this one at some point in Mid 2022.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, Blue Protocol definitely looks good on many different levels, with an expansive world, cool-looking boss battles, and all the high-octane anime slicing and magic spells you could ever want.

City of Titans

Release Date: Still TBA
Developer: Missing Worlds Media
Publisher: Missing Worlds Media
Platform(s): PC

There are two big genres we’ll never get tired of here at Nerd Much?: zombies and superheroes. Of course, the latter is the reason that City of Titans is on our radar. The upcoming superhero MMO from Missing Worlds Media is being touted as a spiritual successor to City of Heroes. Of course, those are some big superhero boots to fill, but this Kickstarter-funded MMO brought in double its initial goal of $320K.

Finally, after a super long development period, City of Titans will be playable in Early 2019, although any sort of date hasn’t been penned just yet.

Project Gorgon

project gogron

Developer: Elder Game, LLC
Publisher: Elder Game, LLC
Release Date: Now Available in Early Access, Full release TBA
Platform(s): PC
Genre: Fantasy Survival

This is a fantasy RPG that’s now available via Steam’s Early Access, but we don’t have a lot of hope for it, given the terrible-looking graphics that would make the original Xbox cringe. If you can ignore its ugliness, there could be a gem of a game waiting for you, as it does have an ambitious skill-based-leveling system that will allow you to shake the current trend of pre-determined class systems.

The devs also tout that they won’t be holding your hand through it, meaning you’ll have to discover everything on your own. One interesting mechanic that I don’t think we’ve seen in any other MMORPG is the fact that Shopkeepers keep inventory, so you can actually buy items that other players have sold to them.

The game is, surprisingly, rated ‘Very Positive’ on Steam from over 280 reviewers, so maybe there is hope for it. For now, it’s on our radar and we’ll be keeping an eye out for it.

Untitled Alien MMO Shooter

Developer: Cold Iron Studios
Publisher: ?

Release Date: 

Along with this morning’s announcement of Alien: Blackout, a mobile game (yeck), comes the news that Cold Iron Studios is working on a ‘massively multiplayer online shooter’ set in the Alien universe. The title of the upcoming Alien MMO is still being kept under wraps.

There’s no information about it available just yet, though we’ve inquired to see if we can get any more details.

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Lord of the Rings MMO from Athlon Games CANCELLED

Developer: Athlon Games
Amazon Game Studios
Release Date: 
TBA, likely 2022

Amazon just announced that a Lord of the Rings MMO, separate from LOTRO, is in development from Athlon Games and the team behind New World (which just wrapped up its alpha test). The studio includes many veteran developers from some of the best MMOs, including Everquest, World of Warcraft, and Destiny.

More info to come as we get it. It’s possible it will release in conjunction with the Amazon LOTR series for some marketing synergy, but that’s just speculation.

Unfortunately, the highly anticipated Lord of the Rings MMO from Athlon Games has been cancelled, which is further showing that Amazon Game Studios just doesn’t know how to publish games. Here’s to hoping New World won’t let us down, but almost everything else the company was going to publish has not made it.

Chronicles of Elyria CANCELLED

chronicles of elyria

Release Date: TBA 2020
Developer: Soulbound Studios
Publisher: ?
Platform(s): PC

Taking the massively multiplayer online genre to the next step is Chronicles of Elyria, a game that was recently funded on Kickstarter (check out the Kickstarter video above). There are a lot of interesting ideas contained in Elyria, and hopefully, we’ll be able to get a hands-on with an alpha sometime soon. The main idea behind Chronicles of Elyria is that your character actually ages and dies in the game.

It will also have a closed economy, FINITE RESOURCES, and quests that aren’t repeatable. What’s more, it has fully destructible environments that will allow the game to be experienced differently for every character.

Each time players login, there will be a dynamic world waiting. And, we certainly can’t wait to login. We’re hoping that we’ll hear some more details about this highly anticipated MMORPG.

Unfortunately, Chronicles of Elyria is no longer in development and is now widely considered a scam. It was announced at the end of March 2020 that the game’s development has been canceled, despite raising $7.9M through crowdfunding. I highly recommend watching The Lazy Peon’s overview explaining it all.

Crimson Desert Doesn’t Appear to be an MMO

If you’re wondering why we didn’t include the incredible-looking Crimson Desert, it’s because Pearl Abyss is now touting it as an open-world action-adventure; there isn’t any mention of it being an MMORPG as it was introduced to us years ago. Game development has apparently shifted from MMORPG to just an open-world adventure game.

So if you’re asking whether or not Crimson Desert is an MMORPG, the answer is no.

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