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good action movies

50 Underrated Action Movies: The Ultimate List (2022)

These good action movie gems will get your blood pumping, despite being vastly underappreciated.
best revenge movies

26 Best Revenge Movies of All-Time: The Ultimate List (2022)

With so many great revenge movies out there, Nerd Much? takes a look at the 26 best of all-time, including Darkman, The Crow, John Wick, and more.
upcoming sci-fi movies

Top 67 Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies of 2022: The Ultimate List

Update: The Tomorrow War release date announced with first trailer!
new zombie movies

All Upcoming Zombie Movies of 2022 & Beyond (Updated!)

*Update: Wesley Snipes has a new zombie film in the works!
Movie remakes

Movie Remakes Mania: 5 Franchises Then vs. Now

In the past decade, a countless number of movie remakes, reboots, and sequels have been released, and there is seemingly a metric ton of new...
deadpool movie

4 Marvel Movies From the Deadpool Movie Deal We’re Still Waiting For

Way back in May 2000 — that's over 15 years ago for those keeping score at home — Marvel and Artisan Entertainment signed a...
back to the future plot holes

Solving Back to the Future’s Infamous Plot Holes

Where we're going, we don't need any plot holes.
disney history

20 Times Disney Movies Completely Avoided Real History

The Walt Disney Company might be the leading entertainment company in the world, but they have avoided some massive things.
new animated movies 2020

20 New Animated Movies of 2020 (Updated!)

All of the upcoming animated films you'll be taking your kids to over the next few years.

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33 Best Cyberpunk Books of All-Time (2022)

With Cyberpunk 2077 coming soon, here are our favorite cyberpunk reads of all-time.
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Lara Croft Was a Trojan Horse

Lara Croft's pointed sexualization.
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The Stormlight Archive Series: Everything You Should Know

Love a Song of Ice and Fire and want something to satisfy your appetite for a similar world? Look no further than Brandon Sanderson's The Stormlight Archive.