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treasure planet failed

Why Disney’s ‘Treasure Planet’ Failed Miserably

Disney's follow-up to Atlantis didn't quite land with audiences.

Why Disney’s Atlantis Was An Underappreciated Gem

The city of Atlantis was the perfect setting for a Disney film.
halloween movies on tv

All Halloween Movies on TV: Complete October Schedule (Updated!)

(Update): TNT announced a Supernatural TV marathon on Halloween.
where to watch home alone 2018

How to Stream Home Alone in 2023 (Updated!)

So, where can you watch it this year?
best horror comedies

50 Best Horror Comedies: The Ultimate List (2023)

Sometimes, horror movies go for gore AND giggles.

The Pagemaster: Why Macaulay Culkin’s Animated Movie Didn’t Work

Remember when Macaulay Culkin went animated? We do, and here's why it wasn't pretty.
dc movies

10 DC Movies We ACTUALLY Want To See (2023)

We'd love to see these heroes on the big screen.
good action movies

50 Underrated Action Movies of All Time

These good action movie gems will get your blood pumping, despite being vastly underappreciated.
best revenge movies

26 Best Revenge Movies of All-Time: The Ultimate List (2023)

With so many great revenge movies out there, Nerd Much? takes a look at the 26 best of all-time, including Darkman, The Crow, John Wick, and more.

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ALL Upcoming New Horror Movies of 2023 & 2024

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