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best revenge movies

The 26 Best Revenge Movies of All Time, Ranked By IMDB

With so many great revenge movies out there, Nerd Much? takes a look at the 26 best of all-time, including Darkman, The Crow, John Wick, and more.
modern zombie movies

Modern Zombie Movies Are More Emotional Than Their Predecessors

The zombie film genre typically gets a bad wrap from the outsiders who don't consume those types of films, and the general consensus is...
new horror movies 2023

Every New & Upcoming Horror Movie of 2024 & 2025

The 50 best upcoming horror movies of 2023 and beyond.

Camp Nowhere Was A Super Underrated 90s Gem

Camp Nowhere is a 1994 comedy film directed by Jonathan Prince and written by Andrew Kurtzman and Eliot Wald. The movie follows a group...
treasure planet failed

Why Disney’s ‘Treasure Planet’ Flopped Miserably

Disney's follow-up to Atlantis didn't quite land with audiences.

Why Disney’s Atlantis Was An Underappreciated Gem

The city of Atlantis was the perfect setting for a Disney film.

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The 20 Best Visual Novels of All Time

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The Stormlight Archive Reading Order: Your Ultimate Guide

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