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How to Stream Home Alone in 2024 (Updated!)

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The eggnog lattes in red decorative cups have been spotted, and that officially means Christmas is coming. Every year, we here at Nerd Much? compile a mega guide to all of the Christmas movies on TV for that given year, taking all of the information from various networks and streaming giants and organizing it into an easily digestible post.

Of course, one of the most popular Christmas movies, Home Alone, wasn’t shown on cable television at all last year. So, we were stoked to find numerous airings of both Home Alone and Home Alone 2 in November and December of 2023.

Freeform (formerly ABC Family) has the cable rights for Home Alone and Home Alone 2 in 2023, and luckily, there are a few showings of each. We’ll be sharing when you can watch Home Alone on TV as soon as we get the holiday tv schedules from those networks. But, for now, here’s how to stream Home Alone right now.

Stream Home Alone on Disney Plus

You can now stream Home AloneHome Alone 2, and Home Alone 3 right on Disney Plus, as well as some more obscure, underrated Christmas movies.

Here’s how:

  1. Sign Up for Disney+
  2. Go to your device’s app store
  3. Search for Disney Plus
  4. Download/Install the App
  5. Open the App
  6. Log in with your Credentials
  7. Click the Search Button
  8. Type in ‘Home Alone’
  9. Tap on Home Alone
  10. Tap the Play Button

Congrats — you’re now watching Home Alone on Disney Plus. You can also download it to your device for later!

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When Is Home Alone Airing on TV in December 2023

  • Nov 7 at 6PM on Freeform
  • Nov 8 at 1:10PM on Freeform
  • Nov 13 at 6:00PM on Freeform
  • Dec 1 at 7PM (Home Alone Trilogy) on Freeform
  • Dec 5 at 6PM (double feature) on Freeform
  • Dec 11 at 3:10 (double feature) on Freeform
  • Dec 19 at 3:10 (double feature)
  • Dec 21 at 6:20 PM (double feature) on Freeform

Rent or Buy on Amazon Prime Video

You can rent or buy Home Alone on Amazon Prime Video and watch it on your own time, whenever you want!

Use the 7-Day Free Trial of Starz via Amazon Prime Video

where to stream home alone 2018

If you haven’t used your 7-Day free trial of the Starz channel through Amazon Prime Video, you can start your free trial, watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2, and then you’re set for the season. You can cancel after you watch, although you might want to check out what else the STARZ channel has to offer before canceling).

Price: Free, then $8.99/month

Rent or Purchase Home Alone on Vudu

home alone vudu

Vudu is a great movie streaming platform that allows you to (legally!) rent or buy a metric buttload of movies rather easily. You can rent Home Alone on Vudu to stream for just $3.99 in HD quality. Or, if you prefer to buy once and keep it forever, you can purchase Home Alone on Vudu for $14.99 so that you’ll have it for every future holiday season as well.

You can also rent or buy Home Alone 2: Lost in New York for the same prices, or you can buy them together in a bundle for $23.99.

Price: $3.99/Rent, $14.99/Own

Rent or Buy Home Alone on Google Play (in 4K!)

home alone google play

You can also rent or buy Home Alone on Google Play. Renting is $3.99 for 48 hours, or you can purchase it in full 4K streaming quality for unlimited watches at $14.99. The Google Play app works flawlessly for watching on Android phones and tablets, however, it’s a bit wonky on Chromebooks (although, yes, you can get it to work).

Price: $3.99/Rent, $14.99/Own

Is Home Alone on Netflix or Hulu?

Unfortunately, you can’t watch Home Alone on Netflix nor can you view it on Hulu (without paying extra). So, Disney Plus is your best option for where to stream Home Alone right now – whether you’re looking at streaming options or buying options.

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