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Starbase Trailer

Starbase Trailer Debuts an Exciting New MMO World

"A game of unprecedented scope and detail."
game sucks

How to Tell if Your Game Sucks Before It Even Releases

Creating a game but don't know if it sucks? Here's how to tell.
Population Zero

Population Zero Wants to Change the Survival MMO Genre

Here's our first look at the upcoming MMO.
ashes of creation apocalypse

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse Announced, Launching Dec 18th

Intrepid Studios, who we thought was hard at work on the MMO Ashes of Creation, has apparently side-stepped with this awesome-looking Battle Royale fantasy game.
Ashes of Creation action combat

Ashes of Creation: First Look at Action Combat Is Incredible

Our first look at the Ashes of Creation action combat takes our excitement level up a notch.

Aion MMO in Development for Next-Gen Consoles and PC

NCsoft is looking to the future, and apparently bringing Aion with it.
World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Removes Entry Fees, Now Subscription Only

Blizzard has adjusted the way players will pay to first begin playing World of Warcraft.
Ashes of Creation Trailer UnderRealm Preview

Ashes of Creation Trailer: UnderRealm Preview

Intrepid Studios shows us yet another beautiful realm in the Ashes of Creation world.
Ashes of Creation Tavern Mechanic Details

Ashes of Creation Tavern Mechanic Details

Intrepid Studios has announced a few details on how the taverns within Ashes of Creation will benefit players.
Ashes of Creation Alpha Gameplay Coming December 2017

Ashes of Creation Alpha Gameplay Coming December 2017

Only three months and here is an alpha gameplay demo. Ashes of Creation is breaking all the records.
ashes of creation 8 player groups

Ashes of Creation: 8 Player Group Size, Party Roles Revealed

The team behind Ashes of Creation has revealed a few more interesting details about their highly anticipated upcoming MMORPG. This time, the focus is all...
albion online review

Albion Online Review In Progress

Game: Albion Online Developer: Sandbox Interactive Publisher: Sandbox Interactive Console: PC (Reviewed), Android, iOS Release Date: July 17, 2017 I should probably preface this Albion Online review by noting that I've always found crafting the most...