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what is an mmo

What is an MMO? MMOs vs. MMORPGS: What’s the Difference?

If you're not part of the MMO community just yet, chances are you've come across quite a few MMO gaming terms that you have...
path of exile

How to Get Chaos Orbs in Path of Exile

Trying to figure out how the hell to acquire some sweet, sweet Chaos Orbs in Path of Exile? Fear not; we've got you covered. First, what...
game sucks

How to Tell if Your Game Sucks Before It Even Releases

Creating a game but don't know if it sucks? Here's how to tell.
ashes of creation 8 player groups

Ashes of Creation: 8 Player Group Size, Party Roles Revealed

The team behind Ashes of Creation has revealed a few more interesting details about their highly anticipated upcoming MMORPG. This time, the focus is all...
new mmos

Magic: The Gathering MMORPG Will Be Free To Play

Perfect World Entertainment will team up with Cryptic Studios again for yet another free-to-play MMORPG — this time, based on the Magic: The Gathering property. The...
demon hunter tips

World of Warcraft Legion: 5 Essential Demon Hunter Tips for Success

World of Warcraft: Legion is just around the corner, and if you're like us, it has been a while since you've been THIS excited for...
Game of Thrones MMO

Game of Thrones MMO Still in Development

**Update: It looks like the Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms MMO has been canceled.** You might not remember the announcement way back in 2012 by...
wow battle pets

A WoW Battle Pets Mobile Game is All I Want

Anyone who has played World of Warcraft knows what the addiction can do to a person. And, I thought I had that monkey off of my...
everquest next cancelled

Everquest Next Cancelled, We’re Super Bummed

In a surprise move, Daybreak Games has announced that their highly anticipated upcoming MMORPG Everquest Next has been canceled. According to Daybreak Games' president Russell Shanks,...
madden 16

Madden NFL: What the Franchise Can Learn From MMOs

Today marks the release of Madden NFL 16, and after playing roughly 4-5 hours of the game, it's abundantly clear that I don't need it;...