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Our bread and butter here at Nerd Much? is video games, as it’s what we personally place the most value on. While we love a good movie or a good show, a great game can really engage and keep us interested. So, stay tuned to NM For all of the latest gaming news, reviews, and features, without the fluff. We’re going to tell you if we love a game, but we’re also going to tell you if we think it’s horse poop. We don’t like horse poop, and neither should you.

underrated ds games

10 Underrated Nintendo DS Games You Forgot Existed (Updated!)

Travel back in time to the early 2000s when the glorious Nintendo DS, or "Dual Screen", was released. The Nintendo DS was a literal...

MTG Arena vs. MTGO: The Pros & Cons of Each (2021)

Which Magic the Gathering digital card game is right for you?
best router for gaming

3 Best Routers for Gaming on PS4, Xbox One, & Switch (2021)

Having the right router is essential if you're a gamer, because nothing is worse than lagging out when you're in the middle of a PUBG match.
best xbox one external hard drives

5 Best Cheap Xbox One External Hard Drives (2021)

Upgrade your gaming storage for the low.
underrated ps2 games

10 Most Underrated PS2 Games You Never Played (Updated!)

When thinking of video consoles, it’s hard not to mention the PlayStation 2, the best selling console of all time. After its release, the...
The Sims 5 wishlist

The Sims 5 Wishlist: 6 Things We Want in the Next Sims Game (2021)

With The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs recently released, it doesn't look like we'll see a Sims 5 anytime soon, but that isn't going to stop us from creating our wishlist.
valheim strategy guide

The Ultimate Valheim Starter Guide: 50 Quick Tips

Survive Viking purgatory with these tips.
Best Scary Games

50 Scariest Horror Games of All Time (2021)

Whether you are looking for new horror games to play or want to take a trip down memory lane, this top 50 horror games list is for you!
best mmos

16 Best MMOs: The Ultimate List (2021)

Orcs, magic, and space adventures with hundreds of our closest friends.