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Our bread and butter here at Nerd Much? is video games, as it’s what we personally place the most value on. While we love a good movie or a good show, a great game can really engage and keep us interested. So, stay tuned to NM For all of the latest gaming news, reviews, and features, without the fluff. We’re going to tell you if we love a game, but we’re also going to tell you if we think it’s horse poop. We don’t like horse poop, and neither should you.

lara croft trojan horse

Lara Croft Was a Trojan Horse

Lara Croft's pointed sexualization.
destroy all humans review

Destroy All Humans! Review: Not Out of This World

The remastered Crypto looks much less wrinkly this time around.
final fantasy vii remake what to play next

20 PS4 Games to Play After the Final Fantasy VII Remake

All done with the Final Fantasy VII Remake? Here's what game to play next.
cost of video games

Next-Gen Sticker Shock: The Real Price of Gaming

Sticker shock is real - but stop and think about it.
Main Assembly

Main Assembly Review: A Must-Play Vehicle-Building Game

Main Assembly is an Early Access treasure waiting to be discovered.
upcoming games 2020

50 Upcoming Games of 2020: The Most Anticipated

Wondering what games are coming in 2020? We've got you covered.
nintendo mobile sony microsoft

Going Mobile: Nintendo All-In, But Where Are Microsoft And Sony?

Nintendo is dominating the mobile landscape, but where are Sony and Microsoft?
skate 4 map

Skate 4 Wishlist: 10 Things We Want From The Next Skate

The fact that there isn't a Skate 4 yet sickens us. In fact, we're also annoyed by the fact that none of the previous Skate games have made...
cataclysm dark days ahead

Cataclysm: The Indie Roguelike With Over 1000 Developers

How many game devs does it take to make a game? It’s a silly question, of course – the answer could be practically anything. Dev...