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9 Monopoly Go Tips: More Dice, More Money, More Fun

Hey there, Monopoly fans! If you’re as hooked on Monopoly Go as I am, you’re in the right place. This mobile game has taken the classic board game experience to a whole new level, blending it seamlessly with elements of strategy and luck. After over 30 hours playing this game since launch, here are 10 top-notch Monopoly Go strategy tips. Ready to become a Monopoly mogul? Let’s roll!

Use The Capped Dice Method

Monopoly go friends

First things first, let’s talk about dice. In Monopoly Go, dice are your ticket to moving around the board, acquiring properties, and basically doing anything meaningful.

One cool trick to keep your dice count high is the Capped Dice method. This method can net you about 150 dice, but it’s a bit tedious.

You’ll need an extra device and account to pull this off. Once set up, you can keep farming dice to your heart’s content. Just remember, this method requires some technical know-how, so proceed with caution.

Here’s the basics:

  1. Grab an extra device (tablet, old phone, etc)
  2. Launch Monopoly Go on Device 1.
  3. Go to the Friends tab and select the invite option. Copy the link.
  4. Send the link to your second device (FYI, I almost always use a blank Slack chat for this kind of thing).
  5. Clicking the link on the other device will let you download the game and create a new account. Create a new account, and then you’ll see on your original account that you now have a new friend.
  6. Clear all of the Monopoly Go data on Device #2.
  7. Repeat this method 9 more times, and you will end up with 150 dices.

Shield Your City ASAP

Alright, you’ve made some money, but how do you keep it safe? Shields, my friend! You can hold up to three shields at a time, and each one will protect your city from a shut down attempt by another player.

You can get these shields by landing on designated spaces while rolling the dice. Once you receive the shield from a roll, you can then choose to protect one of your buildings.

Having a shield will reduce the damage of any attacks (as well as the cash earnings!) by 50%, so it definitely helps you not become broke.

Safeguard Your Wealth: Spend All Of Your Money Before Exiting

Okay, you’re stacking up the cash, but guess what? Other players can also steal from you through bank heists. To minimize your losses, spend your money before exiting the game.

By doing this, you limit the amount that can be taken from you. It’s a simple but effective way to safeguard your hard-earned wealth.

Adding Friends Raises Community Chest Bonus

Don’t sleep on the community chest; it’s a goldmine! The chest accumulates over time and can offer you a substantial amount of money and occasionally stickers. The more friends you have in the game, the better the chest’s contents. So, make sure to add as many friends as possible to take full advantage of this feature.

Complete Color Sets and Upgrade to Hotels

Remember the traditional Monopoly where completing a color set was the key to victory? Well, the same applies here. Completing a full color set and upgrading them to hotels can give you a generous cash and sticker bonus. Plus, these upgrades boost your income and net worth, making you a force to be reckoned with on the board.

Quick Wins and Green Checkmarks

monopoly go quick wins

Last but not least, let’s talk about Quick Wins. These are side quests that offer free rewards like cash and rolls. Completing these quests also earns you green checkmarks, which contribute to a weekly bonus. So, don’t ignore these; they’re an easy way to get ahead in the game.

Build ’em All Then Upgrade 1

Strategy is key in Monopoly Go, and the city map is your best friend for planning ahead. When starting a brand new city, I typically start by building each of the five buildings as soon as I have the money to get them started and THEN upgrade one completely, then another, then another, etc. (As opposed to upgrading one building six times and then starting on a new building).

Don’t Ignore The ‘Annoying’ Stuff

monopoly go free items

Anyone who looks at the Monopoly Go game screen would likely be overwhelmed by how many things are going on. You’ve got the shop, multiple event notifications, bonuses, and all sorts of rolls.

While these are mostly intended to get you to throw money at the screen, almost all of them offer free bonus items. Tap on each one and look around some – you’ll likely find some free goodies to help you win!

You also can get a daily bonus item from the shop, too! Simply open up the shop (the top left shop-looking icon on your screen), and in the top carousel, navigate all the way to the end by swiping right. You’ll see a “Free” bonus that you can claim.

Most Lucrative Rolls: Shut Down and Bank Heist

Now, let’s get to the juicy stuff—making bank! Two rolls in Monopoly Go can really fatten your wallet: the shut down and the bank heist.

A shut down lets you attack another player’s city, demolishing one of their buildings. If you succeed and they don’t have any shields, you’ll get a nice sum of money. Even if they block your attack, you still get a decent payout.

Bank heists are another way to earn big. They involve a card-matching game where you can steal from another player. The bigger the heist, the more money you can grab. So, keep an eye out for these rolls to maximize your earnings.

And there you have it—our top 10 Monopoly Go tips to help you dominate the board. Implement these strategies, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Monopoly Go tycoon. So go ahead, give these tips a try and let the good times roll!

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