Cool StuffBack To The Future XL Hoverboard Desk Pad & Coaster Set

Back To The Future XL Hoverboard Desk Pad & Coaster Set

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Prepare to hover into the world of temporal mechanics with this Back to the Future: Part II-inspired desk pad and coaster set. Designed to mimic the iconic hoverboard, this set is a temporal physicist’s dream.

The hoverboard desk pad, measuring approximately 800 x 300mm, is crafted with a micro-texture fabric top that’s perfect for precision navigation through your time-travel calculations.

The coaster, 100mm in diameter, features the same hoverboard style and is equipped with a non-slip rubber base to ensure your beverage remains stable during intense time-travel planning sessions. Both the coaster and desk pad are reinforced at the edges, providing a durable workspace for all your futuristic endeavors. Whether you’re plotting a course to 1955 or simply enjoying a cup of tea, this set is a must-have for any time-travel enthusiast.

You would be hard-pressed to find a more iconic sci-fi movie prop than the BTTF hoverboard. The hoverboard’s design was sleek and colorful, reflecting the optimistic view of the future portrayed in the film. Though the technology to create a real hoverboard as depicted in the movie didn’t exist at the time (and we’re still not floating on our boards above water), it sparked interest in the possibility of levitation technology.

Now, you can daydream about the distant future while you’re sitting at your desk, thanks to the Back to the Future desk mat.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a few months into the future to unwrap this for your office desk, as it doesn’t ship until December. However, you’re able to preorder now via Merchoid.

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