Ashes of Creation Tavern Mechanic Details

The Mighty Beard in Ashes of Creation isn’t like any other MMO tavern. There is so much more to do in The Mighty Beard than simply gaining rest experience. If you happen to own the tavern, you can customize the look of the place. Players will hear a variety of music (which they can choose) and be able to view bulletin boards of player-run quests, like placing bounties on “corrupted players”, or gamble away their money in mini tavern games.

Specific tables in every tavern also “serve as group finders” in case you need to put together the perfect team. This is also the place to pick up on the latest gossip and find out what other players are up to or discover deeper lore on the world around you.

In case your wondering, not all taverns have to be called The Mighty Beard, it is merely a stock name the developer team came up with. Still, the taverns of Ashes of Creation sound like a great place to socialize with other players and build a community of in-game characters and possibly the players behind them. You can open up private chats, both text and voice, where you can chat with all of the players within the tavern.

If you’ve ever played DnD, The Mighty Beard seems to operate in the exact same way taverns do in the old pen and paper game. Get your quests, your lore, and maybe pick up a few odd friends. Taverns are always places to make the best of memories in any role-playing game.

As such, you’ll be able to fuel up at The Mighty Beard, and not just with ale. Some supplies will be provided by the owner of the tavern or the patrons themselves. This includes rare items like fancy green and purple orbs that do who knows what, but it’s something to do with staying close to the tavern for more benefits.

As Ashes of Creation does not have fast travel, it’s up to players to plan out where they want to go next and who they want to go there with. The Mighty Beard provides battle maps so you can get a look of the world from above. But what your character doesn’t know, you won’t either. The developers are keen on player discovery of the world around them.

Ashes of Creation does not yet have a release date, though a closed beta is coming out in 2020 for a very limited amount of players. Check out more about this upcoming MMORPG here.