Average Metacritic Rating of Funded Kickstarter Games is a 70

Kickstarter is something we simply didn’t have 20 years ago. Now, instead of simply getting denied proper funding from a game publisher, developers all over the globe are able to get funding through potential fans of a game.Kickstarter games

But if you look at the majority of popular/buzzworthy, fully-funded Kickstarter games that we have seen so far, it seems as though the majority of them are huge disappointments. Games like Yooka-LayleeMighty No. 9, and now most recently, Perception, all had a great deal of buzz on just about every major gaming outlet and video game forum leading up to their releases, only to greatly disappoint.

So, we thought we’d do a little bit of research to determine just how bad things really are when it comes to Kickstarter games. Obviously, there are some outliers, both on the positive and negative side of games that have been crowdfunded on the platform. We researched the Metacritic ratings of 132 Kickstarter games that have actually been released so far and have a Metacritic rating and used the information to figure out the average rating of Kickstarter games that have been released so far.

How did we come up with the average? We took all of the funded Kickstarter Games (excluding games that only appear on mobile platforms and adult games) — there are 132 of them — and found their highest rating on Metacritic (excluding mobile versions). We also excluded special/complete editions (for example, The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition). Then, we averaged all of those numbers to get the result.

According to our research, the average Metacritic score for a Kickstarter game is 69.96 out of 100. There are some extremities on both ends, with the lowest Metacritic score being 29 for Legends of Dawn, and the highest being Shovel Knight and Undertale, both having a 92.

Cthulhu Saves the World 78
No Time to Explain 54
Revolution 60 73
Organ Trail: Director’s Cut 6.7
Diamond Trust of London 63
FTL: Faster Than Light 84
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 79
Ravaged 64
Guns of Icarus Online 64
Cognition 72
Kentucky Route Zero 91
Strike Suit Zero 68
Akaneiro: Demon HUnters 53
StarDrive 61
Expeditions: Conquistador 77
Legends of Dawn 29
Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded 56
Cloudberry Kingdom 75
Shadowrun Returns 76
Race the Sun 79
Divekick 73
Volgarr The Viking 77
Legend of Dungeon 62
Takedown 34
Buddy & Me 63
Knock-Knock 57
Fist of Awesome 74
Forced 72
Battle Worlds: Kronos 71
Risk of Rain 81
Lilly Looking Through 71
The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths 65
Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse 72
Republique 72
Detective Grimoire 83
Consortium 66
The Banner Saga 80
Mercenary Kings 76
Contagion 62
Jane Jensen’s Moebius 54
Starlight inception 50
Sir, You are Being Hunted 63
Full Bore 72
Sportsfriends 82
Blade Symphony 72
Monochroma 66
Among the Sleep 66
Lifeless Planet 59
Spintires 67
Xenonauts 77
Shovel Knight 92
Divinity Original Sin 87
Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake 78
Freedom planet 84
Unrest 65
Back to Bed 62
Shadowgate 68
Planetary Annihilation 62
Wasteland 2 81
Defense Grid 2 81
Neverending Nightmares 74
Paranautical Activity 48
Jagged Alliance: Flashback 52
Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey 73
Lords of Xulima 71
Dead State 70
Elegy for a Dead World 65
Elite Dangerous 80
Lisa 78
Sunless Sea 81
the Escapists 74
Hand of Fate 80
the Book of Unwritten Tales 2 80
There Came an Echo 59
Deer God 59
Dyscourse 71
War for the Overworld 65
Dead Synchronicity Tomorrow Comes Today 70
Convoy 72
Chroma Squad 75
Dex 69
Carmageddon Reincarnation 54
Serpent in the Staglands 75
Massive Chalice 73
Legends of Eisenwald 71
Red Goddess 53
Stasis 79
Armello 80
Undertale 92
Bedlam 54
Nevermind 65
Jotun 79
Armikrog 61
Pulse 57
Chaos Reborn 85
Poncho 63
Hard West 73
Aviary Attorney 77
Amplitude 74
That Dragon, Cancer 78
the Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human 76
Darkest Dungeon 84
Hex: Shards of Fate 87
the Flame in the Flood 74
Superhot 83
Grim Dawn 83
Into the Stars 61
Moon Hunters 63
Sheltered 70
Project Scissors Nightcry 46
Hyper Light Drifer 84
Loud on Planet X 72
Aurion 69
Duelyst 82
Mighty No 9 55
Energy Hook 22
This is the Police 71
Obduction 76
Earthlock: Festival of Magic 66
Her Majesty’s Spiffing 74
Shantae: Half Genie Hero 82
Night in the Woods 88
Hollow Knight 86
Torment: Tides of Numenera 81
Faeria 80
Project Rain World (Rain World) 64
Thimbleweed Park 85
Paradigm 83
Yooka-Laylee 73
Cosmic Star Heroine 77
Pinstripe 71
Strafe 66
Friday the 13th: the Game 71
Perception 61
AVERAGE: 69.97537313

So, do with this information what you will. In all honesty, it’s slightly higher than I would have guessed, and while a 70 isn’t exactly a great score, it’s not terrible, either.