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Finding anything unique in the wonderful world of comic books can be daunting, especially if you’re looking for something specific. In the horror genre especially, it’s tough to find new universes that are actually worth diving into. With so many new comic book series from the big two appearing to be so cookie cutter and safe, it’s always refreshing to stumble across some new ideas.

Enter Double Take Comics, a comics subsidiary of video game publishing giant Take-Two Interactive, which has launched a brand new comic book universe that starts in the world established by Night of the Living Dead, George A. Romero’s classic zombie film. And soon, those series will be available in graphic novel collections coming this fall.

Z-Men ComicsRise (Story by Bill Jemas, Jeff McComsey, Ed Gavagan, Michael Coast and Art by Stan Chou, Kurt Tiede): “They’re coming to get you, Barbara. An old Story with a new end and a new beginning”.
Z-Men (Story by Bill Jemas, Jeff McComsey, Michael Coast and Art by Kurt Tiede): LBJ orders the Secret Service to bring him back a zombie. With the U.S. in PA, solely as advisors, the Air Force drops 300,000,000 tons of advice on Evans County.
Medic (Story by Bill Jemas, Brian Finkelstein, Mike Soviero, Stan Chou and Art by Stan Chou): Doctors, and nurses, and zombies, oh my! These patients just won’t die! Something wicked this way comes, taking toes and eating thumbs.
Honor (Story by Bill Jemas, Michael Coast, Frank Ortega and Art by Stan Chou): Protect. Serve. Beat. Burn. Rinse. Repeat. If you get pulled over by the cops, get ready to hand over your license, registration, and death certificate.
Home (Story by Michael Coast and Art by Julian Rowe): A happy family, a lovely spring evening, and zombies. The family that faces zombies together stays together. Until they don’t. The Foster family learns that blood, literally, is thicker than water. double take comics
Dedication (Story by Bill Jemas, Michael Coast, Matt Summo, Mike Soviero and Art by Young Heller): Thanks to some hungry customers, the closing shift at George’s Market has turned into a graveyard shift. Cleanup in aisle…well, all of them. It’s a late night snack attack in George’s market. Help wanted: minimum wage, maximum carnage.
Spring (Story by Bill Jemas, Jenn Sodini, John Flynn, Young Heller and Art by Young Heller): Hot sun, hot babes, and the cold decaying flesh of the zombie horde. She wore an itsy bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini…to the Apocalypse. The only thing worse than disappearing under the water is being left behind.
Slab (Story by Bill Jemas, Brian Finkelstein, Matthew Dicks, Michael Coast, Stan Chou, and Art by Stan Chou): Even a brain a day can’t keep this doctor away. Things get weird in the lab when Dr. Grimes feeds a zombie sandwiches, all in the name of science. Bring out your undead…bring out your undead…I’m not undead yet!
Soul (Story by Michael Coast, Brad Lawrence, and Art by Julian Rowe and David Reuss):
The posse shoots to kill, but Ben survives. Too bad it’s all downhill from here. As the tale unwinds, Chief McClelland and the posse suspect that Ben may not be telling them the whole truth. And they might be right. If at first you don’t succeed, die, die, die again.
Remote (Story by Bill Jemas, Colin Mitchell, Michaela Murphy, Michael Coast, Young Heller, and Art by Young Heller): As ghouls surround her station, KBRF Radio ace DJ Samantha stays on the air all night. Will Rock & Roll save her soul? Burn, baby, burn. Samantha starts a zombie inferno. Stand back. We don’t know how big this girl gets.

The emphasis on this being one new universe is clear. In fact, Double Take is even packaging each wave of new issues into their own Genesis package, so that each of the ten new comics will be available in one collection (as opposed to just a Z-Men Volume 1 or Home Volume 1 (which will also be available), you’re getting a Genesis Volume 1, so to speak). It’s quite brilliant, especially for those who don’t want to have to worry about picking up every copy individually to keep up with what’s going on in the universe.

Just take a look at some of the cover art — there’s no denying that they all have some cool artwork. Part horror, part action, part sexy — it’s clear that each of these series will have their own unique vibe, despite being set in the same universe. It’s not all about superheroes, or all about zombies, or all about any other one, single aspect. Instead, they’re unique, individual tales that will fit in the same world.

Each of the new series will be available this fall for $9.99 as a graphic novel volume collection of their first three issues.

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