Star Wars Kites

star wars kitesWhat if we told you that you could you fly your own Millennium Falcon, X-Wing, or Death Star? Now, thanks to Think Geek, you can. Introducing these glorious Star Wars Kites, kites designed to look like the Falcon, the Death Star, an X-Wing, and (oddly enough) R2-D2.

We’re told Alderaanians loved flying kites before going kaboom, and we don’t blame them. Kites are frequently found right here on Earth, mostly at beaches and parks. And if you’re a kite pilot, yourself, what better vehicle to own than any of these Star Wars kites. They can withstand winds up to 18 mph, and fly best with at least a 7 mph wind.

Their sizes range from 37″ tall (Death Star) to 52″ tall (X-Wing), and they all come with the sail, frame, SkyTails, handle, and line. So, just take it out of the packaging and you’re ready to go. We will note that it’s super strange that Think Geek added an R2-D2 into the mix, as he simply doesn’t fly — that doesn’t make any sense. They should’ve added the Destroyer or a Tie Fighter.

Price: $39.99

Buy these Star Wars Kites here.

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