Breath of the Wild Sheikah Eye Watch

You can literally be the Hero of Time.

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With this Breath of the Wild Sheikah Eye Watch you can literally be the Hero of Time. Punctuality will be your super power. The watch has a faux leather band with a stainless steel buckle and watch face.Breath of the Wild Sheikah Eye Watch

The leather is engraved with a variety of Sheikah Temple patterning from the Breath of Wild game. The watch face itself is the iconic blue from the Nintendo Switch as well, with a silver Sheikah Eye at the center.

The hands of the clock or silver with a black tip. The clock is helpfully numbered at three hour intervals. There is the usual pull-out dial to adjust the time if need be, especially for Daylight Savings Time.

The woman’s version of the watch is exactly the same as the mens only with a thinner band and smaller watch face (half an inch smaller). Due to the more narrow band, there are less detailed engravings and the watch itself is more condensed and harder to read.

This remarkably beautiful watch is priced at $39.99 USD. Quite affordable compared to a lot of the more adult and intricate Zelda merchandise you can buy. That said, the price does imply the quality of the faux leather and watch face. Hopefully this is one of those few instances where the item is reasonably priced for what you get and not a reasonable price for something you could buy at a dollar store.

If you don’t wear watches normally, this Breath of the Wild Sheikah Eye Watch is sure to change your mind. The colors are just bright enough to make a bold statement and subtly nerdy enough that it will take a second look for even the best fan to notice the Sheikah eye.

Keep in mind that this is a ThinkGeek exclusive and you won’t be finding this watch elsewhere. Be sure to click the link below if you’re interested and get your Breath of the Wild Sheikah Eye Watch before the Christmas rush.

Price: $39.99 USD

Buy it here.


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