Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Car Charger

This Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Car Charger is the perfect addition to any DeLorean or lover of all things Back to the Future. This charger will fit into just about any cupholder in a car and has two USB ports to help charge your phone, or anything that has a charging cord with a USB at one end.Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Car Charger

Keep in mind that this charger does not come with a charging cord, that’s up to you and the device you wish to charge. This is not a battery, it hooks up to the cigarette lighter with a cord of its own and has a small blue light to indicated that it is on.

If you need to use the cupholder while charging your phone, there is unfortunately no space inside Mr. Fusion. As to why the top opens if that is the case, you must ask either ThinkGeek or the infamous Dr. Emmett Brown. One of these might be a little easier than the other.

The base is especially tall for any cupholders that might be especially deep. The whole thing is 7 inches tall, including the base. The plug that inserts into your car measures at 36 inches, so you don’t have to worry about how poorly your car might be designed with the cupholder in mind.

Though it might be a bit of an inconvenience to not be able to use both cupholders while charging your phone, it is a small price to pay. Back to the Future is one of the coolest movie series that came from the 80s. Anything that calls back to pure hilarity of stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd is worth showing off.

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Price: $39.99 USD

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