10 Cool Prop Replicas You Can Use In Your Daily Life

prop replicasThere’s no greater way to celebrate your nerdy fandom than owning a piece of your favorite movie, game, or TV franchise. Prop replicas aren’t always the most practical if you’re looking to show them outside of your home, however. Ditch the heavy swords, clunky lightsabers, and hard-to-transport display cases in favor of these more practical prop replicas that are just as impressive as they are functional.

There are quite a few different prop replicas available from your favorite nerd franchises like Star Wars, Batmanand Game of Thronesbut while virtually any movie has its props available, not all of them can be a part of your everyday life.

Here are 10 useful prop replicas you can add to your collection and use in your daily life:

1. Darth Vader Lightsaber Umbrella

star wars prop replicas

When there are no intergalactic battles to be had, simply battle the forces of nature with this detailed Darth Vader lightsaber umbrella. Armed with your sturdy lightsaber and covered in an impenetrable canopy of darkness, this umbrella will show others that rain and thunderstorms are no match for your powers.

Price: $98.00

Buy the Darth Vader Lightsaber Umbrella here.

2. Sonic Screwdriver Peeler

Prop replicas

The Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver has a long and varied list of uses, so why not add food peeler to the list? Wonderfully detailed to resemble the useful tool right out of the series, while sleek enough to tuck into your cupboard or drawer with the rest of your kitchen utensils. Cooking a meal can be a daunting task, so why not get a little help from the Doctor? You can also check out more Doctor Who prop replicas here.

Price: $28.76

Buy the Sonic Screwdriver Peeler here.

3. Sailor Moon Transformation Pen Set

prop replicas

Feel empowered as you take notes with these transformation pens pulled straight of out the Sailor Moon anime. In the series, these tools transformed ordinary schoolgirls into graceful and powerful planetary warriors — who knows what potential these might have to transform your own mundane school day. (Note: it won’t transform you into powerful planetary warriors).

Price: $95.50

Buy Sailor Moon Transformation Pen Set here.

4. Zelda Ocarina

prop replicas

Whether you’re looking to do some conjuring, start a mystical punk band, or simply pass the time, this fully-functional Zelda ocarina is a must-have for any gaming fan wishing to relive scenes from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It’s a whimsical conversation starter that’s beautifully crafted and can easily be tucked away to take on any future adventures.

Price: $17.99

Buy Zelda Ocarina here.

5. Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger

prop replicas

Power up your vehicle and see where the future takes you with this miniature flux capacitor straight out of Back to the Future that doubles as a USB charger. Featuring the same lights and effects as seen in the movie, you’ll feel like you’re in possession of your very own time-traveling DeLorean.

Buy Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger here.

6. Star Trek Phaser Remote

star trek props

Blast through your channels and set phasers to fun (yep, I said it) with this Star Trek phaser replica remote. Definitely one of the most eye-catching yet practical pieces of Star Trek merch you can find, this remote features lights, sounds (pew, pew, pew!), and add-ons that upgrade your remote from a Type 1 phaser to a Type 2 while providing additional remote capabilities. This is one of the most impressive Star Trek prop replicas we’ve ever seen.

Price: $149.00

Buy Star Trek Phaser Remote here.

7. Arkham Knight Batarang Letter Opener

batman prop replicas

Feel like a DC hero at work with this letter opener. Modeled to resemble Batman’s trusted batarang, it will quickly prove to be a crucial gadget in your office arsenal. It may not be powerful enough to take on Scarecrow, but it can definitely make a dent in your pile of junk mail. There are plenty of other badass Batman prop replicas available.

Buy the Arkham Knight Batarang Letter Opener here

8. Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Paperweight

game of thrones prop replicas

Fill onlookers with awe as they gaze upon this beautiful aged dragon egg replica paperweight from the Game of Thrones TV series. Weighing in at just under one pound, this piece of decor packs heft and will fill your work space with a sense of power and mystery. Show it off at your workplace or home office, but always keep it close and away from fire, because you never know what lies within. So, prepare for Game of Thrones Season 6 with this dragon egg prop replica.

Price: $49.99

Buy Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Paperweight here.

9. Minecraft Lightup Wall Torch

Minecraft Toys

Light up your home and ward off intruders with this lightup torch which appears to have been pulled straight out of Minecraft. Use it as a unique substitute for your standard flashlight or mount it on the wall or the perfect gamer nightlight.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Minecraft Lightup Wall Torch here.

10. Doctor Who Fob Watch

Doctor Who prop replicas

Keep track of time in the same style as everyone’s favorite timelord. This replica of the Doctor’s signature timepiece is fully functional and even includes light and sound. It may not hold quite as many powers as it does in the series, but it will add an enviable level of distinction to your wardrobe.

Buy The Doctor Who Fob Watch here.

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