myCharge HubUltra Portable Charger

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myCharge HubUltra

Charging your phone on the go has become quite a modern day, first world problem — and that was before we had even heard about Pokemon GO. Even the top-end smartphones don’t stay charged for as long as we’d like, and by dinnertime, our phones are typically on their last leg. Sure, there are other portable smartphone chargers out there, but this one — the myCharge HubUltra Portable Charger — is different. How? Everything you need is contained right in the unit, itself.

With the myCharge HubUltra, you don’t have to worry about finding a USB cord to plug into it and your phone because it already contains two cables that are already attached, including a built-in Lightning cable for iPhones and a micro-USB cable for Android phones. There’s also a female USB port on the end of it for you to charge more than one of your devices simultaneously. What’s more, it has a conveniently built-in wall prong so that you can plug it right into the wall for recharging.

The myCharge HubUltra has a whopping 12000mAh of battery juice, and it outputs at 3.4A for quick charging. It’s about as thick as a TV remote control, and shorter than the average smartphone. There are also other similar models available

Price: $126.99

Buy the myCharge HubUltra here.

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