Aquaman & Cthulhu Q-Fig Max SDCC ’16 Exclusive

Aquaman & Cthulhu

Lookin’ forward to the upcoming Justice League and Aquaman movies? Us too, and while this figure isn’t based on Jason Mamoa’s portrayal of Aquaman, it’s too great to not showcase. The Aquaman & Cthulhu Q-Fig Max by QMx is an SDCC 2016 exclusive figure that’s the result of collaboration between QMx and Warner Bros, and while it was originally intended as an SDCC exclusive, ThinkGeek has some available for your buying pleasure.

It’s a cool figure that has Aquaman atop the head of the Cthulhu beast splashing out of the water. It’s the first Q-Fig Max, which is twice the size and complexity of standard QFigs, standing at 7.5″ tall with a 3.5″ width at the base.

This figure of the new dynamic duo is a super limited edition, as ThinkGeek notes they only have a small stock of them. In fact, there was only a single production run of these figures, so once they’re gone from ThinkGeek, you’ll have to result to paying hundreds on eBay in the near future to get your hands on one.

Price: $49.95

Buy the Aquaman & Cthulhu Figure here.

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