Star Trek TNG Bluetooth Combadge

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Star Trek TNG Bluetooth communicator

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate the Star Trek 50th Anniversary today? We’ve got you covered with the Star Trek TNG Bluetooth Combadge, the new way to communicate with your smartphone.

Inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s combadge communicators, this replica edition actually functions as a Bluetooth headset, but instead of being placed in your ear, it’s worn on your shirt. It connects to any iOS or Android device, allowing users to not only answer and end calls with the touch of a button but also communicate with Siri or Google Now. Even more notable is that it plays the original classic communicator sound effect when touched, adding even more realism to the already impressive replica communicator. The device charges via micro-USB, and it has a wireless range of 33 ft. You’ll be able to speak to your fellow alien friends in clear and concise Klingon without having to even take your smartphone out of your pocket.

Price: $79.99

Buy the Star Trek TNG Bluetooth Combadge here.

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