Twisted Maple Wand: Beautifully Hand Carved

twisted maple wandAny wizard will tell you that finding the perfect wand is sometimes harder than actually casting spells with it. If you cheap out, your wand will snap like a twig at the very first Expelliarmis, but if you’re looking for something more fit to handle your Avada kedavras, check out these gorgeously designed hand carved wands by Strangeblood Designs, like this Twisted Maple Wand.

There are quite a few designs, actually, and they’re all made from high quality woods. Each wand is hand carved and sanded to bring out the beauty and natural hue of the wood. Then, they’re treated with multiple coats of tung oil for a rich finish. The Twisted Maple Wand is carved from hard maple and has a strong creamy light golden color. It’s nearly 18″ in length, and its quality is unmatched by anything we’ve seen to date. We don’t have any doubt that these wands for sale will handle your toughest spells. And if wands aren’t your weapon of choice from your favorite fantasy books, Strangeblood also makes incredible daggers, swords, and bows.

Price: $40.00

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