Famous Mustache Coasters

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Some mustaches are worthy of compliments, but at times, you’ll see mustaches that are worthy of being on coasters. In fact, a mustache has the power to make a man so distinguishable from his fellow brethren that it becomes a part of his persona. Some famous mustaches throughout the ages have become iconic in the stache community. To commemorate such feats of facial hair, check out these Famous Mustache Coasters.

This set of six coasters features a famous bit of facial hair from historical figures on each coaster. Each design features the facial of one of the following men: Albert Einstein, Theodore Roosevelt, Frida Kahlo, Hercule Poirot, Salvador Dali, or Charlie Chaplin. These men are all well-known for their unique mustaches, each of which is printed on its own coaster. It’s a great nerdy gift, or if you’re in the market for a cool set of coasters for your living room, these are perfect.

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