Creature Cups

There you are, sipping your coffee. You may be thinking about all the games you have in your backlog. Or maybe it’s late at night and you’re sipping hot chocolate, and you’re shuffling through the abyss that is Netflix to find something to watch. With each sip, you notice something white peeking from the surface.Creature cups

What is it? A dragon? An octopus? Now your gulping. You just have to know what secret lies underneath the liquid in your cup. Ahh, it’s a skull?! Imagine the expression on your friends face when the two of you are relaxing in your living room, drinking whatever…and all of a sudden they see a lobster smiling up at them from the bottom of their cup. You’re laughing so hard the coffee comes shooting out from your nose. Gross. But, these are Creature Cups, and they’re just too cool.

Creature Cups come with all different types of creatures, including a pelican, a shark, a lion, a frog, a Cthulhu, and more. Some are limited edition, and they sell out more quickly than others. Amazon even sells this product in bowl form. They are all made of ceramic, hold 15 ounces, and the outside of the cup comes in varying colors as well. Nobody is promising that they are easy to clean, but hey, the reaction of your friend is worth any hassle of washing the nooks and crannies.

Price: $19.99

Buy it Here.

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