Nerd Weekly: Street Fighter x Expression & Pixelated Food

Weekly Link roundupAnother week has passed, and that means it’s time for another Nerd Weekly, our weekly link roundup, where we spread the love by showcasing great reads/videos that we find in our circles from around the web.

This week’s roundup includes a great Street Fighter read, a cool theory about two of our favorite childhood movies, and a cool product for you fellow tabletop lovers. Here’s this week’s must-reads:

1. Street Fighter II led the way for games as a medium of self-expression [via AV Club]

This might be my favorite piece of content from the year so far. I never even stopped to think about this, and it’s eye-opening.

2. Pixelated Food [via Foodiggity]

A cool find by one of our favorite Food blogs, Foodiggity, who found this brilliant art series by artist Toshiya Masuda. It’s titled “Low Pixel CG,” and it depicts food in an 8-bit style made from ceramic, with added pixels painted in. Very cool.

3. Where Were The Creators for DC’s Relaunch? [via Comics Beat]

Like many, we’re wondering how DC’s Rebirth is going to go over, with some titles releasing twice every month. Comics Beat’s Todd Allen gives his “unsolicited opinion” on the relaunch’s undeniable issue.

4. This Picture [Imgur]


5. Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Space Jam Exist In the Same Universe [via Gizmodo]

You’re going to find that we link to Gizmodo/io9 a lot. Well, they’re generally great, and they’ve pointed out a great find from Reddit in which a user suggests Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Space Jame take place in the same universe.

6. Tabletop RPG Dice Popper [via Geekify Inc]

Never pick up dice from the floor again, thanks to Geekify Inc’s beautifully designed Tabletop RPG Dice Popper, in the style of Trouble’s dice popper, except way better-looking.

Every week, we’re hunting for cool reads we think our readers would love. If you find anything great during the week that you think our readers might like, we’d love for you to tweet the link at us.

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