Fashion Friday: Street Fighter V Leggings, a Spider-Man Dress, & More

fashion friday findsHappy Friday, and with a new Friday means a new Fashion round-up. There are tons of great finds this week, including some more cool Fallout 4 apparel, some Walking Dead merch, and some absolutely awesome Street Fighter V leggings.

We also have come across some new t-shirt brands that we’re excited about. Unfortunately, we are in the process of testing the quality, so we can’t share them yet. Bummer. But for now, check out this week’s finds:


1. Street Fighter V Leggings (via Think Geek)

Street Fighter V Leggings

If you’re into showing off your sweet, sweet combos in Street Fighter V, Think Geek has the perfect leggings for you. The Street Fighter V leggings are colorful, displaying the characters available on the character select screen. The best news of all, you won’t need to pay for any DLC later on for them to be complete. See what I did there?

Price: $24.99

Buy the Street Fighter V Leggings here.

2. The Walking Dead Daryl’s Messenger Bag (via Think Geek)

walking dead messenger bag

While The Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon likely isn’t the type to accessorize, this Walking Dead Messenger Bag by Think Geek is great for toting around your stuff. It features the wings from Daryl’s iconic vest, and it’s a great way to get TWD fans to start a conversation with you. We wonder how many soda cans will fit inside of it. Hmm…

Price: $89.99

Buy the Walking Dead Messenger Bag here.

3. Team Stark/Team Rogers 2016 (via Tee Fury)

team rogers 2016 shirt

It’s no secret that we’re big t-shirt lovers here at Nerd Much, and Tee Fury has a couple of great shirts that we’re super stoked about: Team Stark 2016 and Team Rogers 2016 — just in time for Captain America: Civil War next month. Awesome!

Price: $20

Buy these shirts here.

4. Spider-Man Comic Book Print Dress (via Merchoid)

Spider-Man Print Dress

We can’t think of anything we’d rather wear right now than this Spider-Man Comic Book Print Dress.

Price: $46.93

Buy this Spider-Man Dress here.

5. Fallout 4 Swimming Shorts (via Merchoid)

fallout 4 swim shorts

The Fallout 4 merchandise is getting out of hand now — but we’re okay with that! Check out these awesome Fallout 4 Swim Shorts. They come in the iconic blue and yellow, with Vault 111 printed on the bottom. A+.

Price: $34.99

Buy the Fallout 4 swim shorts here.

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6. Sublimation Batman v Superman T-Shirt (via Tee Shirt Palace)

batman v superman shirt

Literally the greatest shirt I’ve ever seen in my adult life. This Batman v Superman T-Shirt is an absolute must if you’re a tee fiend.

Price: $35.00

Buy the Sublimation Batman v Superman T Shirt here.

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