1byone Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds

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1byone wireless earbudsWe’ve had numerous headsets, earbuds, and headphones come across our desk over the past year, and we typically just shrug and say, “oh, another set of earbuds. Ok, cool,” and then push them aside to be forgotten about forever. Mostly, it’s because they all look the same, being some shade of black or gray, and they do nothing to excite us. But the 1byone Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds immediately caught our attention, thanks to their demanding bright green and black colorway (which, if you take a look around our site, you’ll notice we tend to favor).

Aside from just looking great, these wireless earbuds actually stay where they’re supposed to. I’m not sure if it’s because I have such tiny ears, but typically, earbuds tend to slip out after moving around with them for a few minutes. But these sporty earbuds stay in place, mostly due to the earhooks that come along with it (you get a set of three). What’s more, like most earbuds, you get different size ear cushions to find the perfect fit for you. Not only does it help keep the buds in your ears, but it also helps to effectively keep out ambient noise. 1byone also added a small clip on the wire that goes behind your head, which is something I haven’t seen on other earbuds.

Of course, we wouldn’t be featuring them if the audio quality wasn’t great as well. The headphones have a rich and full sound with above average mids and highs, and solid, deep lows. Voice quality sent out is of exceptionally high quality, coming in crystal clear on the other end of the phone. As far as the charge is concerned, they last roughly for 6 and a half hours on a fresh, full charge. And, there’s an auto-off solution implemented where 10 minutes of not being used results in the power automatically turning off (so they won’t just sit there and drain like is the case with many other earbuds on the market). Pairing with your smartphone is easy, and switching from one device to another is also virtually effortless.

Finally, another noteworthy feature is that they’re sweat-proof. I’ll also note that the voice that tells you you’re juice is running low is a nice British accent — delightful! They’re available now for $38.99 via Amazon, so if you’re looking for a great mid-price range set of earbuds, they’re a clear winner.

Price: $38.99

Buy the 1byone Wireless Earbuds here.

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