Cool StuffPro Boat UL-19 Hydroplane RC Boat

Pro Boat UL-19 Hydroplane RC Boat

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It should be no secret that we here at Nerd Much? are into all things Remote Controlled. Drones, RC Cars, robots — we keep an eye on all of those markets in hopes that we find some truly cool stuff to share with our readers. It has been awhile since we’ve had anything in that wheelhouse to share, until this morning when we came across the Pro Boat UL-19 Hydroplane.

Pro Boat UL-19

It was announced a couple of months ago, so we might be a little LTTP, but we felt it was worth sharing anyway since it’s now available. It has a 30-inch hull, and it has a Dynamite 6-Pole 2000kV brushless motor that pushes the stainless steel propeller to the max.

This thing can zip across water with oomph, and thanks to its lightweight fiberglass design, it’s both durable and fast, hitting speeds over 50 mph with ease. In fact, it’s the fastest boat of its size. Of course, it has waterproof innards so you don’t have to worry about ruining it in the water. It also has a stainless steel turn fin so that the boat will stay in the water whether you’re going straight or through a sharp turn.

What’s more, it uses one of the simplest radio controllers available with the Spektrum DSMR DX2e Radio, making it a great high-speed option for even inexperienced captains.

The look of it is especially cool as well, with a slimline design that looks like something out of Hydro Thunder and a yellow and royal blue colorway; it looks as awesome as it runs.

This thing comes ready to run, so if you can find yourself a pond, quiet river, or a local lake to really let it run free, the Pro Boat UL-19 is going to impress the hell out of you as it zips around the surface of the water.


  • UL-19 Hydroplane RC Boat
  • Spektrum DX2E 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • Spektrum SR310 DSMR 3-Channel Receiver
  • Dynamite 120A Marine Brushless Marine 2-6S ESC
  • Dynamite Marine Brushless Motor 2000kV
  • Spektrum 3KG Servo
  • User Manual

Price: $429.99 MSRP

Buy it here.

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