DEAL: Tile Pro 4-Pack w/ Free Echo Dot

Where are your keys? Did you check in your pockets? How about under the couch? Did the baby stuff them in her diaper or are you just getting forgetful? It’s an age-old dilemma that so many of us go through, the quest of the missing keys.

Well, all of that is in the past when you spring for the Tile Pro 4-pack — which, for a limited time only, comes with a free 3rd generation Echo Dot. Tile has been around for quite some time, providing its users with an easy way to find the things they keep losing. More than just an item finder, Tile Pro expands its usability so that so many aspects of your life are simplified and can easily attach to your most-used items.

Keep misplacing your phone? The Tile Pro can help you locate it with a Bluetooth signal that stretches 400 ft. Forgot your backpack, but don’t know where? The Tile app can pinpoint where you left something behind by remembering its last location. Finally, when you simply can’t find the tile, you can turn to a community of users who can send location updates to help you pinpoint your missing things.

It’s a new age for Tile, one that benefits you most. Forgetfulness is a concern of the past when you can ping your most forgotten items. This 4-pack allows you to tag more than one essential item or share the wealth by gifting one to someone in your family that never knows where their keys are.

Even if you remember everything at all times, we all have someone forgetful in our lives. Give the gift of convenience with a high-end Tile that features powerful Bluetooth that goes wherever you need it to.

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