Far Cry New Dawn Alcatraz Island Expedition Details

Far Cry New Dawn is nearly upon us folks. And if you’re one of the many ready to return to your familiar stomping grounds of Hope County, but with a post-apocalyptic twist, Ubisoft has another treat for you. The team has given us Far Cry New Dawn Alcatraz Island details, breaking down the expedition set with the historical site.

Within Far Cry New Dawn’s early missions, you’ll encounter a helicopter pilot from Quebec by the name of Roger Cadoret. Cadoret will welcome you aboard his ‘copter which he lovingly refers to as The Big Potato. And with The Big Potato you can adventure out to numerous closed-world expeditions. With the highly today being the Far Cry New Dawn Alcatraz Island expedition.

Ubisoft’s Creative Director, Jean-Sebastien Decant, and Producer, Yang Zhi Hong, broke down the expedition within the PlayStation Blog. Decant expressed his team’s “excitement about visiting that world beyond the boundaries of Hope County 17 years later.”

The developers specifically targeted “regions and biomes that would feel drastically different from Hope County.” They wanted to focus “on memorable or iconic locations while keeping it Far Cry.” Therefore, Alcatraz seemed like a perfect fit. “It’s a super-iconic location, it’s an isolated island offering an amazing 360-degree vista of the San Francisco Bay, and it’s a very large enclosed space that’s great for close-quarters combat. Alcatraz ticks so many boxes, we couldn’t pass it up.”

Yang Zhi Hong confirmed the authenticity of the locale. While his team was given a lot of creative freedom, they kept things close to the original. He confirmed “we kept the interior structures true to the real location, but modified the terrain and added makeshift elements all over the map – this makes our Alcatraz unique and different from all the others in games and movies.”

Zhi Hong also teased that “Due to the earthquakes after the nuclear attacks, the island was shattered into several pieces.” This provides additional stealth options for the player as they attempt to take down the area’s Highwaymen.

Far Cry New Dawn Alcatraz Island is just one of several expedition sites that will be available via helicopter within the game. The publisher previously teased other locations, with “a derelict amusement park, a crashed satellite, an old aircraft carrier, or a dual bridge over a canyon” confirmed by Decant.

You’ll get to experience them all yourself when Far Cry New Dawn launches on February 15th.

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