WATCH: Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop Trailer

Wasteland Workshop is the next DLC coming out for Fallout 4. Thanks to Bethesda, we now have a new trailer and release date for the upcoming add-on.

As you can tell by watching the trailer, the biggest feature here is the ability to set traps for any live creature in Fallout. Anything from a raider to a Deathclaw can be captured and tamed. You can even have them face off with one another in a makeshift battle arena.

Additionally, other features have been added to your settlements. The biggest among these is the ability to farm various food resources or build a decontamination device. These both can be very helpful to you in your fight across the wasteland.

To protect your newly improved settlements, there are numerous traps you can set. From spinning saw blades to spring boards, all can be used against your enemies.

Aesthetically, there are also a bunch of new features to make your settlement more unique. To show off your kills, you now have various taxidermy options including mounted heads! There are also many new lights and letter kits to really customize your area.

Fallout 4 has shown some incredible depth with their DLC already, and Wasteland Workshop looks to be no different. If you are anything like us, you will be jumping back in when it releases April 12.

You can find the full season pass here.

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