Phil Spencer Justifies Short Xbox Exclusives List

With only 7 Xbox exclusives on the roster so far (compared to the PS4’s 27), I’m sure Microsoft is planning to announce at least a few more at E3 this year. But our dear head of Xbox Phil Spencer is still keen on justifying the short list. And I will never tire of listening to him.

In an interview at Halo Wars 2 Launch Party, Spencer said that the commitment to PC gaming is stronger than ever and more information on the matter will be coming soon. Good, because Play Anywhere has been lacking a little; not every game since the announcement has possessed the feature.

Indeed, Spencer went so far as to hint that PC and Xbox One exclusives will be revealed in the future.Phil Spencer Xbox

Then the justification came. Referring to the short line-up for 2017, Spencer states that this lack “is going to make this year quite interesting, giving the chance to titles like Rare’s Sea of Thieves and the highly anticipated Crackdown 3 to do well,” according to WCCFTech.

Less is more, according to Spencer, and far more “challenging” than releasing the games Microsoft typically ships. Who knows if this will really work out the way Spencer hopes, but you never know. I can tell you at least Cuphead and Sea of Thieves look very tempting, though perhaps not yet worth the price of the console, especially with Project Scorpio on the way.

Is Spencer on the right track, or is he just handing out excuses? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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