Metal Gear Movie: Director Doesn’t Care What The Rating Is

Officially confirmed back at E3 2006, the Metal Gear movie has been an idea in the Sony studio for quite some time. In 2014, the movie finally gained a director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Who was almost immediately pulled away by Kong: Skull Island. However, now that the reboot is going to hit theaters, it seems Vogt-Roberts is back on track.metal gear solid movie

In an interview with Collider, the director was more than happy to praise to the game franchise as “the most important franchise to me on the planet. It is such a genius, idiosyncratic work.”

More importantly, Vogt-Roberts wanted to make it clear that he wants to get the Metal Gear film right the first time, “we are working on the script. That is a property that I will fight tooth and nail to make sure is done properly because it’s so easy to screw it up and so easy for a studio to try and make it into G.I. Joe or try and make it into Mission: Impossible or try and make it into something that it’s not. Metal Gear Solid needs to be exactly what it needs to be, which is Metal Gear Solid.”

Music to any fan’s ears, to be sure. The director certainly seems to understand the games a great deal more than almost any other video game to movie adaption we’ve seen, stating that “unlike a comic book that’s had 40 writers or 100 writers over the course of a decade or two decades or whatever, for decades now Metal Gear Solid has essentially had one voice. So you’re dealing with a highly, highly specific property that’s idiosyncratic to one persona and one person’s point of view and the way in which they interpret sort of culture and Western culture and twist that back around into this super pure amazing property that has a tone that I think is unlike anything else that is out there.”

Such passion from Vogt-Roberts can only do the Metal Gear film good, as it’s obvious how much he wants to get this right and honor the original titles. So dedicated is he, that he doesn’t seem to particularly care what rating the film will get, “I want to make the version of the movie that is most true to what it needs to be, so if that is a Deadpool or Logan route where you go with a smaller budget and you’re able to make it R, great. If you need to blow it out more and really get that bigger budget and go PG-13, I think it could exist in both avenues.”

If you don’t think Vogt-Roberts quite “gets” the series, he seals the deal when he states that “there are hyper-violent parts to Metal Gear but I would not necessarily call the hyper-violent part the core element of it versus like the tone and the voice and the philosophies that the characters exhibit. Those characters sort of are these walking philosophies, so I think nailing that part is far more important necessarily than thinking about the rating at this point.”

Philosophy is definitely something Kojima teaches in almost all of his games, so I don’t think Vogt-Roberts could have said it better. So can the Metal Gear series really become an equally good movie? What elements do you think director Vogt-Roberts is missing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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