Rhythm Game Voez Coming To The Switch With No TV Mode

Voez, a rhythm based game originally on the mobile platform, is now coming to the Nintendo Switch on launch day. But there’s two catches, it won’t be available in TV Mode and the game will only use the touchscreen.

Voez is a game that combines the art of anime with rhythm gameplay, and includes over 100 songs according to the developers, Flyhigh Works, announcement.

This is the first game to be announced for the Switch that has this restriction. Though this game might not seem very exciting, as these particular games are extremely common on the mobile platform (Flyhigh Works games like Cytus and Deemo are quite popular on in the Google Play Store), it does highlight one of the main issues with the Switch: competing with the mobile platform itself.

How can it stay unique while it gets more and more games originally meant for a smartphone? Heck, most of the aforementioned rhythm games are free-to-play on at the Play Store.

Most people already have a smartphone, and for some, the phone is free and can be exchanged for a brand new one every two years. You can’t do that with the Switch.

So why would you buy a game for the Switch, when you can get it for free on your phone or tablet? Indeed, as with a tablet you’ll even get a larger screen size. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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