Taxes Make An Appearance On PlayStation Network

Looks like those taxes the Entertainment Software Association was trying to warn us about are finally coming to fruition. Likely due to the latter trade tariffs, come April 1st certain states are going to start charging taxes on PlayStation Store purchases. The affected states are not listed, but if you are in one of them PlayStation should have sent you an email detailing the new policy. Thus far, NeoGaf has listed New Jersey, Washington, and Texas.Taxes Make An Appearance On PlayStation Network

According to the PlayStation support page, “most products/services that are available to purchase from PlayStation Store are taxable.” And the reason why is vaguely stated as nothing more than “in certain areas, state and local laws require PlayStation Store to collect applicable sales taxes. In order to comply with these laws, PlayStation Store began collecting sales tax on its products/services in certain states in April 2016.”

Well, I’m Canadian, so this doesn’t affect me at all and we’ve been paying GST on our video games for as long as the tax itself has been around. But what do these taxes mean for you? Do they herald a sign that video games are going to get too expensive for most of the American population? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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