Sense8 Replaces Aml Ameen for Season 2

sense8Sense8 will be looking a little bit different next season. Capheus “Van Damme” will now be played by another actor this time around.

Aml Ameen, the British actor who played the character in the first season, has left the show. The role has already been recast with Toby Onwumere. The recent graduate of UC San Diego MFA will play the character during this new season.

According to Deadline, the reasons for Ameen’s departure have not been confirmed. Sources indicate that there was conflict between him and director Lana Wachowski. Apparently, this conflict was causing issues during a table read of Season 2 in Berlin. As filming progressed in India, this conflict worsened until Ameen walked away only a couple of episodes in. There may have also been some creative differences for the character.

Capheus is a main character in this hit Netflix show. The character is a young Kenyan living in Nairobi. His mother is sick with AIDS and he is striving to earn enough money for her medication.

The story of Sense8 focuses on eight strangers around the world who unexpectedly become mentally and emotionally linked.

It will be interesting to see how this replacement affects Capheus’ character. Hopefully Onwumere can capture the same emotional resonance that Ameen had.

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