Nintendo NX and E3 2016: What Does it Mean?

Another Monday is here, and that means another episode of The Fish Tank, our weekly webshow that delves into the big happenings in the world of video games, movies, comics and all other things nerd-related.

Last week’s episode talked about video game anniversaries and how to handle them properly, and we talked a lot about Nintendo. This week, we’re also continuing to talk about Nintendo, more specifically, their Nintendo NX and E3 2016 plans. Not only will Nintendo not show the NX at E3 2016, but they also will only have one single game on the show floor: The Legend of Zelda.

Pushing the Nintendo NX release date to March 2017 is a risky move, but it could pay big dividends for them in the long run. Nintendo needs to ensure that they’ve got some solid NX launch titles ready for the purchasing when the console releases, and that’s likely what they’re waiting for. If The Legend of Zelda wasn’t ready, it wasn’t ready; it’s better that they don’t rush its development and phone it in.

What do you think? Are Nintendo’s future plans going to work out well for them? Sound off in the comments below — we’d love to hear from our readers.

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