Project Scorpio Made To Court Developers And “Premium” Customers

The tech specs are out and they are beefy. It’s better than the PS4 Pro and the price is going to reflect, so who exactly is this machine for? According to an interview with Digital Foundry, corporate vice president of the Xbox and Windows gaming platform at Microsoft Mike Ybarra has stated that it is all the for developers and the customer with the highest expectations for games.Project Scorpio Made To Court Developers And "Premium" Customers

An awfully niche market, but Ybarra has said that Microsoft lost developers with the Xbox One and have been working to get them back since.

The Scorpio is here now to provide the right tools and seduce developers back to the Xbox. But it isn’t just about the technological feats, Microsoft wants to give developers as many platforms for their games as possible, hence the Play Anywhere program.

As to these premium customers that Ybarra is talking about, are those that have demanded the latest technology and experience from Microsoft. As such, the company decided to take a “pretty big risk” and make something mid-generation that the customers wanted. The Scorpio, according to Ybarra is for the “premium customer” and “the gamer that expects the absolute best versions of the games.”

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I am perfectly fine with Microsoft making a console specifically for developers, like a kind of artist-only toolkit. However, that is a very small portion of gamers, so this premium customer Ybarra is talking about better have the pocket money to back up their demands for the “latest” everything.

But I’m a gamer for the games, the technology doesn’t have to be phenomenal for me to like a game. A console has to be as beautiful on the inside as the games on the outside. Nintendo is a great example of this, as their consoles are often a good generation or two behind Sony and Microsoft.

Nonetheless, are you one of those premium customers? Do you think the Scorpio will be too expensive, no matter how much you want it? Let us know in the comments below!


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