For Honor Patch Fixes Minor Issues

That’s right, Ubisoft could have taken this opportunity to fix some major balancing issues with For Honor, but instead they tried to fix the levelling system and a few other bugs that were not the main concerns of most players. For Honor Patch Fixes Small Issues

Nothing at all was mentioned about the balance of the game, between those who pay the microtransactions to win and those who don’t, and the discrepant matches between far higher levelled folk and much lower ones.

In lieu of such improvements, the For Honor development team focused on the point system. Now in the skirmish mode, Hero kills are worth 35 instead of 27, and kill streaks are 5 subsequential extra points per kill. The respawn timer is a whole 2 seconds faster now, down to 10 seconds from 12. Conditional kills also grant more points, depending on which one it is and what game mode you’re using it is.

The rest are minor glitches, like the superior block feedback (now just the sword flashes instead of the whole Warden), phrasing in the guard breaking tutorial, or for PC only a game minimizing error that before caused the game to freeze.

Again, Ubisoft is doing nothing more than fixing minor issues here. This seems rather usual for Ubisoft, however, as we’ve all watched their history of glitchy and poorly planned games in their Assassin’s Creed franchise. I thought For Honor would be the exception to the Ubisoft rule, but it seems I was wrong,

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