Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake NOT in the Works (Update)

**Update 4/11/17 12:35PM ET: It looks like the rumor that began making rounds yesterday isn’t quite true, according to Kotaku. Apparently, it was only a prototype that was in development, and the Austin studio is actually working on Dylan, the new IP which we also learned will debut at E3 2017.

From the same podcast by games journalist Liam Robertson, comes the self-proclaimed “rock solid information” that BioWare is working on a “remake/revival” of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.Remake Of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Might Be Coming Soon

Mass Effect and KOTOR writer Drew Karpyshyn announced back in 2015 that he had returned to BioWare to work on a Star Wars: The Old Republic project.

Karpyshyn also tweeted last month that he was definitely working on a new game, but couldn’t say anything further. Darn those non-disclosure agreements. So some of Robertson’s information might be correct on this matter.

However, Robertson goes on to say that this game will be “it’s own original thing” and will only use KOTOR as a kind of “blueprint,” but he doesn’t know exactly how it will turn out. As this particular journalist is fairly trustworthy when it comes to his sources, it seems we can dare to hope.

Though I would still recommend treating this as rumor with a healthy heaping of salt. Even developers and publishers can end up eating their own words, so it’s probably best to wait until E3 before getting riled up.

But a reboot, or spiritual sequel to KOTOR, on top of a brand new IP from BioWare, might just be enough to drown the hype from Microsoft’s Scorpio. I do hear that BioWare fans are a fairly loud bunch when properly riled.

Which would you like to see, a reboot or a sequel? Let us know in the comments below!


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