New Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Gameplay Footage Revealed

Courtesy of IGN, Monolith Productions has revealed a new gameplay trailer for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. The trailer shows off a bit of the open world and the scale of it, various stealth attacks, gathering intel, the Nemesis system again, Siege Beasts, and lots of combat.

Creative vice president Michael de Plater, who narrates the trailer, starts with finding an orc “worm” that can show Talion and Celebrimbor who their target is. They drop down a cliff and waltz right up to an orc that somehow doesn’t notice them. Perhaps I’m too used to Dishonored‘s insanely sensitive guards now.

Celebrimbor gets into the orcs head somehow to retrieve this information, and as one does, crushes his victim’s skull with one hand when he’s done. Nonetheless, they’re on the orc commander’s trail now and run off, showing off a little of the wide landscapes available to the player.

As Tailon and Celebrimbor approach the camp, a prompt pops up, stating that there are multiple ways to approach the situation, stealthily or otherwise. Plater decides to make an explosive entrance and then kills the commander through stealth. Somehow without the other orcs attacking him too, or maybe that part was just cut out.

Tailon and Celebrimdor meet up with some of their Gondorian allies, rescuing and retreating as necessary. Plater shows off riding one of the Siege Beasts as well, though it isn’t nearly as cool as riding a dragon like in the last gameplay video.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will be launching August 22nd in North America and the 25th in Europe.


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