Rend Will Have 4 Playable Classes

Maybe our excitement for Rend, the upcoming fantasy survival game from some developers of WoW and LoL, didn’t quite shine through when we first announced the game last month. Now, our excitement has grown a little after Frostkeep Studios has detailed Rend‘s class system.rend classes

First and foremost, thanks to a new blog update from the developer, we now know that Rend will have 4 class paths, and that they’re specifically called paths because they don’t have skill tree branches. Secondly, we learned that these classes will evolve to the playstyle of a specific player, with differences beginning to take shape at level 2 when you gain your first talent point.

This talent point is spent on one of the four class paths, and players can only place points in 2 of those 4 paths (of their personal choosing, of course). At a certain level, players will have to choose a specific primary class and a secondary class, which will slightly change how a player can play his/her character.

Players will be required to spend a certain number of their talent points in a specific path to unlock different tiers in that path. Each of those tiers can then have a maximum of 5 points spent in it, meaning players will have to pick and choose what talents they want.

The four classes available when the game launches will be an Assassin, Soldier, Survivalist, and Mystic.

Assassin: The Assassin is for the players who like to move stealthily and quickly while doing lots of damage. By spending points in the Assassin path, you will do more headshot damage, gain a marginal amount of health, barely increase your carrying capacity, and increase the height at which you can fall. Tiers include things like: increase long ranged damage, increase range, reduce noise generated, and increase jump height. The tier 6 ability will be camouflage, an active ability that lets the Assassin be stealthed as long as he doesn’t move or attack.

Soldier: We get it, you’re tough as nails and mean to boot. You don’t care too much about those long ranged Assassin’s because you’re so heavily armored their bows feel more like nerf guns. You can carry more weight than the Assassin too, it just goes to show you how weak they are. As you get further down the Soldier path, you get access to doing a ton more damage from close range. Sure, it may be difficult to get into close range with another player, but once you do… they better watch out. Tiers include buffs like: increased armor, increase health regen, increase stamina regen rate, and increase max carry weight. The tier 6 ability will be a huge increase in health and armor for a short duration.

Survivalist: You’re kind of the do everything type of player. You want to help the faction out as much as possible, so you don’t want to have to worry as much about food, water, overencumbrance, or health. The survivalists are the players who want to be able to last for a length of time away from the faction. If you want the ability to move faster while crafting, or increase harvest yields, survivalist is for you. Their tier buffs grant things like: increase temperature resistances, and faster mounted speed. Their tier 6 ability is forage, which lets them find food and water where other classes are unable to.

Mystic: This is the secretive class. Somehow they already know about the spirit world and can last longer in there than other classes. But Mystics aren’t just to solo into the spirit world. They are the support class, providing buffs to closeby allies that help them survive better. Tiers include: increased stamina regen for you and nearby allies, increase armor and resistances for you and nearby allies, reduce stat costs of spells, and increase soul collection speed. Their tier 6 ability is called Spectral Light. It provides light to the mystic and the mystic’s faction but no light to the other factions. A group of Assassin’s with a Mystic in the cave will be a fantastic ambush party for the unsuspecting torch bearers of the opposite faction.

As far as the talent and tier choices presented are concerned, it sounds like Frostkeep intends to present tough choices that aren’t as cut and dry as other games in the genre. Instead of each tier granting all positive stats, they’ll also include some decrease in stats as well. For example, The Survivalist’s Tier 1 will reduce Spring speed by 3%, but it will also reduce the sprint stamina drain by 15%. Each tier will contain these sort of balancing acts, and we can’t wait to see what other mechanics Rend will have as we learn more from Frostkeep.

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