Rainway App Will Stream Games From Any Console To The Switch

This might be too good to be true, but thus far the sources check out. According to the developer of the Rainway app himself, Andrew Sampson (known for such emulation tools as Borderless Gaming and Steam Cleaner) you will be able to stream any game from the Xbox One, PC, phone or tablet, to the Nintendo Switch. Sampson states that Rainway will work with any device that has a web browser. Just log into the site and voila, you can play any games native to Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC.Rainway App Will Stream Games From Any Console To The Switch

You might be thinking that the Switch doesn’t have a browser, but Sampson has stated that Rainway will be available in the Nintendo eShop. Who knows if that is true and actually permission from Nintendo themselves, as they are very well known for not allowing any kind of emulators for their games. Usually wielding the heavy hand of copyright onto poor fans who just want to play Nintendo games elsewhere.

However, I think we are all more focused on being able to play more games on the Switch, as it is becoming one of the best portable gaming devices out there. I can list off at least three games I’d pay money to play again on the Switch, like The Witcher 3, Dragon Age, and BioShock. So being able to stream them for free on the Switch sounds like a dream.

In addition, Sampson claims all of this is possible at 60fps from a host PC (so not the consoles, I assume). As long as the GPU supports DirectX, Rainway can take it from there, and supports all controllers. It’s not clear how that is going to work either, but hopefully more information will be coming soon. As Sampson says, there will be a beta release of the app next month so be sure to sign up to test it out.

If you do end up with the beta of Rainway, please let us know! Do you think this could really work? What games would you stream to your Switch? Let us know comments below!


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